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Student Resources: Quick Guide


Download a list of resources available at your college:​

Wilbur Wright College​​            

What do you need to do?      

Visit an advisor to plan my classes            

Our Academic Advisors are available to assist you with goal setting, career exploration, choosing a focus area, creating an education plan, selecting classes, reviewing semester maps, and applying for graduation.​               

Transfer to a 4-year college            

Our Transfer Centers can help you transition to a four-year college including researching where you want to attend, learning about transferable courses, and applying for transfer scholarships.              

Find a job or internship            

Our Career Centers can help you decide on a career and choose the best academic program to get you there. You can also learn how to complete a job application, create a resume and interview effectively to help you land a job or internship.        

Get tutoring in a difficult subject            

Our Tutoring Centers offer free tutoring and academic support services to assist students in achieving personal and academic success. One-on-one and group tutoring sessions are available.               

Get help from a professor            

Go to faculty office hours. See your class syllabi for locations and times.             

Take a placement exam             

The Testing Resources Centers provide a variety of testing services to assist students as they pursue their academic goals. COMPASS testing and other placement exams can be taken there.               

Order books or supplies for class            

Students can purchase materials through the CCC Online Bookstore.    


Check out a library book            

CCC’s College Libraries offer electronic, database, and print media to support the scholarly work of students, faculty, and staff as well as individual and group library and information literacy instruction.               

Ask a question about financial aid            

Our Financial Aid Offices work closely with students and families to provide financial assistance in the form of grants, loans and work-study from federal and state resources. For help filling out the FAFSA form, visit your college’s Financial Aid Office.        

Learn about scholarship opportunities            

Our Financial Aid Offices work closely with students and families to provide financial assistance in the form of grants, loans and work-study from federal and state resources. To learn about scholarships, visit your college’s Financial Aid Office.               


Learn about veterans benefits            

Our Veterans Services Centers provide access to veterans-specific resources, assistance with the transition from military to civilian life, information on VA benefits and credit transfer procedures, and places to network with other veterans.               


Access services for students with disabilities            

Our Disability Access Centers provide coordination and supportive services for students with documented disabilities. CCC makes every effort to integrate students with disabilities into all courses and programs.         

Get help with a personal issue             

Our Wellness Centers offer personal and group counseling, stress and time management coaching, and referrals to community resources including low-cost medical/dental care, emergency housing, groceries, legal services and child care.        


Get a loaner laptop             

City Colleges of Chicago credit students may borrow a Windows laptop free of charge for up to 4 weeks. Laptops are issued on a first-come, first served basis.        


Join a sport            

Athletics play an important role in student life at the City Colleges of Chicago. Many of our athletes have transferred their talents onto four-year college and university teams and others play intramurals for fun.               


Get involved in a club or hold an event            

Student Clubs and Organizations are an important part of student life at CCC. Student Clubs provide an opportunity to socialize and learn new leadership skills with peers and advisors.        



Go for a run, lift weights, or stretch out at CCC’s fitness centers at Daley College, Kennedy-King College, Malcolm X College, Truman College, Olive-Harvey College or Wright College.            


Report a concern            

Don’t be afraid to speak up if something should be changed. We want to hear from you. Contact your President’s Office or call 773-COLLEGE.             


Get help from security or report a safety concern    ​​​​