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Resources for Tenure-Track Faculty Members

Talents of Teaching

Talents of Teaching and Indicators - This document explains the Talents of Teaching. It examines the history of the Talents as well as the FC4-approved indicators associated with each Talent.

Classroom Observation Forms

Classroom Observation Guidelines - This document provides an overview for conducting classroom observations by detailing activities that should happen before, during, and after the observation.

Classroom Observation Form - Completed by trained observers performing a formal classroom evaluation.

CLINICAL Observation Form - (Clinical Setting Only) - Completed by trained observers perfoming a formal clinical evaluation.

Post-Observation Reflection - Completed by new tenure-track faculty after each formal observation.

Sample Portfolio Materials

Semester 1
Semester 2
ILSP template - Completed by tenure-track faculty member.(Note: this is under Semester Specific Forms and Rubrics page of old website)

Sample ILSP outcomes

Semester 5

Argument for Tenure
ILSP Revision Approval Revision Form

Student Evaluation Forms

Note: These are only posted so you can familiarize yourself with the documents. The evaluations are done formally through your College’s administration.
Student Course Evaluation - Completed by students in tenure-track faculty courses
Student Single-session Evaluations - Completed by students for classes that only meet for one session (library orientation sessions, etc.)
Nursing Clinical Evaluation - Completed by students in tenure-track faculty clinicals (Nursing Only)