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Reinvention - One Purpose, Four Goals

The purpose of Reinvention has always been to drive greater degree attainment, job placement, and career advancement. We must ensure our students are prepared to move into further higher education and that they have the skills for jobs in the 21st century. We believe there is no other institution better positioned to become an economic engine for the City of Chicago.

The four core goals of Reinvention have remained the same since the initiative’s inception in 2010:

  • Increase the number of students earning college credentials of economic value
  • Increase the rate of transfer to Bachelor’s degree programs following CCC graduation
  • Drastically improve outcomes for students needing remediation
  • Increase number and share of ABE/GED/ESL students who advance to and succeed in college-level courses



Reforms implemented through Reinvention have delivered major progress towards these goals. For instance, City Colleges’ graduation rate has doubled, more students are earning certificates and degrees each year, and more adult education students are moving into college-level courses.


Student Experience

Through the Student Experience initiative, our vision is to change the paradigm of the Community College student experience. Students need a relevant, structured, supported path to succeed in College​.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We welcome our students to College: We want students here and will work with them to learn and reach their goals.
  • We help our students choose and learn: We provide an academic foundation for students to more quickly choose and enter their academic path.
  • We are here to help: We are easy to work with and will use out faculty and staff expertise to understand how to help underprepared students.
  • We expect our students to achieve: We believe time on task and intensity are paramount to success, not calendar months.
  • We provide an integrated system of supports: We provide individualized supports inside and outside of the classroom as students need them.​

Our Project Work Streams

To accomplish the many facets of our Student Experience initiative we have broken the work into the following set of individual work streams:

  • Student Onboarding: Create a welcoming and engaging environment that removes unnecessary barriers and provides relevant information at the relevant time
  • Assessment & Placement: Selection and implementation of assessment tool(s) for accurate Math and English placement
  • English Success: Creation of co-curricular English curriculum that offers acceleration path for below-college level students
  • Math Success: Creation of co-curricular math curriculum that offers acceleration path for below-college level students
  • Launch: Development and implementation of intensive college-preparation math and English courses that prepare Foundational Studies level students for college courses
  • Financial Aid: Improve Financial Aid processes and communications to students
  • Scheduling & Pathway Review: Develop demand-driven scheduling system that matches course offerings to students' needs and preference
  • Change Management: Manage college buy-in of project and keep all stakeholders up to date on progress