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NIU Post-Secondary Literacy Certificate

CCC faculty completing this certificate will be equipped to understand and critically analyze the historical context of developmental literacy instruction; recognize the social, cultural, linguistic, and academic diversity of students enrolled in developmental literacy coursework; design and implement appropriate and effective evidence-based instruction; and participate professionally in the field of postsecondary development literacy.         
The course requirements for earning the NIU  Certificate are as follow;         
​C​ertificate of Graduate Study in Postsecondary Developmental Literacy and Language Instruction
​​​Requirements (12 credits) ​​​
​LTRE 719 Principles and Methods of Teaching Postsecondary Reading (theory to practice)​
​LTRE 511 ​Teaching Reading in the Content Areas (disciplinary literacy instruction)
​LTRE 711 ​Seminar in Research Studies in the Field of Reading (research specific to postsecondary literacy)
​LTRE 520 ​Diagnosis and Treatment of Reading Difficulties (assessment)
One of the following (3 credits) ​
​LTRE 718 ​Adult Reading Instruction
​LTIC 553/CAHA 553X ​Cross-cultural Issues in the Adult ESL Classroom
​LTIC 551/CAHA 551X
​Teaching Literacy Skills to Adult English Language Learners: Methods and Material     
This list represents only the courses that were approved by the City Colleges of Chicago administration for internal certification purposes. These are courses that are being provided at a City Colleges of Chicago campus, provided enrollment meets the minimum requirements for the Department, College, and University by the appropriate deadlines. ​Faculty who are interested are encouraged to speak to their Vice President or Dean of Instruction.   

For more information about the program, contact Erica Walker at 312-553-2976 or at You may also contact Sonya Armstrong at 815-753-8486. ​​​
Northern Illinois University Fall 2013  
LTIC 551/CAHA 551X, SectionTE1:   
Teaching Literacy Skills to Adult English Language Learners: Methods and Materials       
  • Course Description: LTIC 551/CAHA 551X focuses on the “examination and application of methods and materials used to teach literacy skills (reading and writing) to English-language learners in adult education settings.”
  • Meetings: This is a blended course using Blackboard with face-to-face sessions at Malcolm X College (room is TBA) on Fridays from 12:00-3:00 (on Saturday 6, October 4, November 1, and December 6). 
  • Registering as a Student at Large: Any professional who is not currently enrolled in a graduate program at NIU can register as a Student at Large. The steps to register, including a direct link to the application form, can be found here. Please note that this process does take about a week and needs to be completed prior to the first class session. 
  • Enrolling in the Course:  Please contact Dr. Sonya L. Armstrong at immediately if you are interested in enrolling in this course.  The course number, section, and reference number are as follows: LTIC 551 Section TE1, class number 13363. This course is a non-print course, so it will not show up in a search on the MyNIU system (you'll need to type in the class number).
  • Tuition Information:  Information about course fees can be found here.
Course Instructor: Dr. Richard Orem,