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Energy Leadership

Energy Leadership         
City Colleges of Chicago has been a leader in energy efficient operations for the last decade. In 2013 the District used 600,000 less therms and 13 Million less kilowatt hours than a decade prior, while adding more usable campus space and increasing operating hours.      

Energy Performance Contracting 
CCC uses Energy Performance Contracting to automate buildings and reduce energy usage. Building Automation Systems (BAS), lighting retrofits, equipment upgrades, occupancy sensors and variable speed controllers are paid for with future energy savings. These upgrades have given our building engineers the tools they need to track energy usage in real time, find faulty equipment and set schedules to reduce energy usage during unoccupied periods.         

Smart Tools           
Energy usage tracking and reduction at City Colleges of Chicago is hi-tech business. We use multiple tools to track energy usage including:          

With the automated ca​pability of reducing building energy usage quickly and easily, CCC participates in a voluntary curtailment program that reduces its electricity usage if circumstances cause the electric grid to become unstable.