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Transfer Tools

My Credits Transfer powered by Transferology​MyCreditsTransfer (formerly Illinois) is a statewide initiative designed to facilitate transfer within Illinois using the nationally available tool, Transferology. Within Transferology students can find out how courses transfer between institutions, how courses satisfy degree requirements and the different majors institutions offer. Many Illinois institutions participate in Transferology and it is free for anyone to use.

TransferologyTM - Transferology is a nation-wide network designed to help students explore their college transfer options. It helps students to save time and money by providing a quick, intuitive way of getting their college transfer credit questions answered.                    

Students can answer the question "Will my courses transfer?" by adding coursework, exams, and/or military learning experiences to see how many schools in the Transferology network have matching courses that may be awarded when they transfer. They can also find out what their options are for taking classes over the summer (or whenever) at another school to transfer back to their current school by using the "Find a Replacement Course" feature.​              - A website tool that assists students in finding colleges, scholarships, career exploration and more! It exists to connect students to college success and opportunity.                        

Transfer Planning WorkbookNot sure where to begin with your transfer process? Use this tool to help you create a smooth transition to a 4-yr institution.​                      

Transfer ​Tips​ - a helpful resource of tips to help you succeed as you prepare to transfer to a 4-yr. institution.         

Happy Planning!                        
Your Transfer Directors    
 Chanel Bishop    
Harry S Truman - 1220A    
(773) 907-4724   
Susan Calabrese
Wilbur Wright - A120
(773) 481-8227
Kenyon Douglass
Kennedy-King - V229
(773) 602-5285
Ellen Goldberg
Harold Washington - 101B
(312) 553-5778
Aneesa Saleh
Richard J. Daley - 1111A9
(773) 838-7574
Tyanna McCann
Olive-Harvey 1410A11
(773) 291-6537
Natalia Zuniga
Malcolm X - 1508
(312) 850-7088​