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District Student Government Association (DSGA)


The District Student Government Association (DSGA) provides a forum for the open exchange of views and ideas on matters of importance to students. The DSGA defends students’ rights, advocates on behalf of students, and helps to formulate academic and institutional policies that affect students.                  


The DSGA is governed by the Guidelines for the Organization and Operation of Student Government Associations, Academic & Student Policy, and the Board Policies and Procedures for Management and Government.                

DSGA Membership/Officers

DSGA membership is comprised of the 7 college SGA Presidents and the Student Trustee. The DSGA members elect the administrative​ officers each fall semester from the SGA Presidents. Officers are advised by their appointed district advisor and the college Student Activities Directors (or designee). DSGA offers must maintain the academic requirements outlined in the Board Guidelines. The DSGA offers a great opportunity for students to develop or enhance their leadership skills.             

Get Involved!

Your SGA officers encourage students to get involved. If you have ideas that can benefit students or concerns, please contact one of your SGA officers.                   

Student Government Associations at our Colleges


Faculty & Staff

Name ​Title ​College ​Email Telephone
TBP​ Member Harold Washington
(312) 536-3688

Nichols Matos Member​ ​Wilbur Wright​
TBP ​Member ​Richard J. Daley
TBP Member​ ​Kennedy-King
Mohammad Enaam Al-Quader ​Member ​Malcolm X (312)-850-3530
TBP Member ​Olive-Harvey ​(312) 221-2220
Quinn Barrett Member ​Harry S Truman ​ ​(312) 694-3956
Ali Kleiche  Student Trustee Kennedy-King


​DSGA Advisors ​College ​Email Telephone
​Melvin Anderson ​Olive Harvey ​(773) 291-6365
​Vania O. Doss ​District Office ​(312) 553-2817
​Angela Vena ​Richard J. Daley ​(773) 838-7937
Equan Burrows ​Kennedy-King (773) 602-6983
Parikshit (Paris) Wadhwa ​Malcolm X ​(312) 850-7478
Tony Kwiatkowski ​Harry S Truman ​(773) 907-4830
​Angela Guernica ​Harold Washington ​(312) 553-5901
​Kathleen Ordinario ​Wilbur Wright ​(773) 777-8145

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