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Support to Stop Use of Tobacco

​​Wellness Center Tobacco Cessation Support 

The Wellness Centers support your efforts to stop using tobacco.  We provide:    
  • Individual counseling
  • Smoking cessation support groups
  • Workshops on how to stop using tobacco
  • Helpful literature and links to web resources (see below)
  • Linkage to community resources for low-nicotine replacement therapies
Following is a description of Wellness Center support services offered in collaboration with the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago (RHAMA) and other community partners. 

Courage to Quit

Courage to Quit is a comprehensive group or individual tobacco treatment program for anyone desiring to stop using tobacco.  Program leaders provide information, practice skills, and support to help you reach your tobacco-free goals.  The group meets weekly for 4 to 6 weeks.  Each Wellness Center will offer the Courage to Quit Program in a group format during Febuary and/or March 2012.  Courage to Quit is also available on a one-on-one basis.  In addition, the program is offered at numerous community social services agencies, and a list of offerings can be found at:    

Quit Readiness Program 

This one-time, one-hour workshop helps persons assess their readiness to quit and provides guidance for making an effective plan to stop using tobacco.   Daley, Harold Washington, Malcolm X, and Olive-Harvey Colleges will offer this program in February or early March of spring term.       

Informational Table Programs 

Beginning in early February, each Wellness Center will conduct outreach via table presentations in high-traffic areas of each college.  The table presentations will be offered on multiple days.  Counselors will provide supportive literature and guidance on what support services would best fit where one is in their effort to stop tobacco use.  Referrals will be provided to community- and campus-based services, including group and one-on-one counseling.      

Web Resources  Comprehensive, quite smoking website  Relearn life without cigarettes!  Strategies, expert resources, and the support of thousands of former smokers.  The Illinois Tobacco Quitline smoking  Learn more about the whys and hows of stoppping tobacco use.  A comprehensive smoking cessation website Learn more about medications which can help you stop  Northwestern Memorial Hospitals support services   
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