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Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  When is the FALL 2017 scholarship application deadline? 

Answer:  The deadline is June 5th 2017 at midnight for all applications.  

Question:  How do I apply for a CCC scholarship? 

Answer:  Scholarships that are available through the CCC Foundation must be applied for through the CCC Scholarship Application.

The scholarships listed under "Additional Scholarship Opportunities through City Colleges" and "External Scholarships" are not completed through the CCC application. You will need to investigate each opportunity, determine if you are eligible for the award and then apply using the application provided. Make sure you follow the directions carefully and submit all the required materials.

Question:  What information/documents will I need to have available to successfully complete the online application process?

Answer:  Additional information and materials required to complete the application will differ slightly depending on your current status with CCC. Uploaded documents must be PDFs or have a file size of 4MB or less.

All Applicants:          
You must complete the FAFSA before you apply for CCC scholarships. If you are not eligible to complete the FAFSA, you are required to complete a signed copy of the Financial and Household Certification Form.          

High School and Transfer Students
  • Be prepared to upload a copy of your Official Transcript
Military Veterans
  • Be prepared to upload a copy of your DD214 Form

Question:  How many scholarships may I apply for at one time, using the online scholarship application process?

Answer:  You may apply for up to three (3) scholarships at a time.

Question:  Are there tips for creating a winning application?

Tip #1: Read the eligibility requirements for each scholarship that you apply for to make sure you meet these, and that you are a viable candidate.

Tip #2: Pay careful attention to the deadlines – late applications will not be accepted. All applications are submitted through the online system.

Tip #3: Make sure you carefully and accurately complete your application.

Tip #4: Meet the requirements of the essay: Tell your story in a well written, compelling essay (250-500 words) free of typos, misspelling and grammatical errors. Consider creating the essay in a Word document first. Ensure that you have answered all of the questions.

Tip #5: Choose Recommenders who know your strengths and can speak to why you are a good candidate for this award.

Question:  What resources are available to help me research scholarship opportunities to help pay for my education at the City Colleges of Chicago (CCC)?

The CCC Scholarships website provides resources such as: Essay Writing Tips​, External Scholarships, and other CCC opportunities that may be helpful.

Question:  Can external scholarship applications be completed through the CCC Scholarship Application?

Answer:  No. Links directly to these scholarship websites are provided so you can complete the appropriate application.

  What can I do to make sure my recommendations are received?

Answer:  First, make sure you enter the correct email address for your Recommenders. Double check this before moving on in the application.

Once your application has been submitted, you may log in to the Online Scholarship Application to check the status of your scholarships and recommendations. The dashboard will show the date that your recommendation was received. If it has not been received, consider sending the recommender an email reminder.

Please note: Recommenders have 2 weeks following the application deadline to submit their recommendations.

Question:  When will I be notified of the Scholarship Committee's decision?

Answer:  You will be notified no later than six (6) weeks following the scholarship deadline. You will receive a letter indicating if you have been approved or denied for a scholarship. The Scholarship Review Committee will evaluate your application based on the application criteria and your financial need. 

Question:  How will I be able to access my award? 

Answer:  If you are awarded a scholarship, print a copy of your signed Award Letter and deliver it to the Business Office to be noted in your account. Scholarship awards from the CCC Foundation are credited to your student account. The awards are not made until after the midterm point in the semester. Your account will show a balance until that time.