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Making a Referral

Making a Referral​

When you believe someone could benefit from Wellness Center services, be sure to refer them by providing the location and phone number of their college's Wellness Center. You can also support the person by making a call to the Wellness Center on their behalf, preferably with them present while you make the call. Some persons may benefit by having you accompany them to the Wellness Center.  

What if They're Reluctant?

Continue to express your concern and remind them that Wellness Center services are free and confidential. State that a phone call or visit is simply an opportunity to check out what support is available.  

I'm Not Sure How to Approach Them

Most of us respond to a sincere expression of concern.  You might say:  "I'm concerned about you and I want to make sure you get the support you need."  You can also call or visit the Wellness Center to consult with our staff about how to best to approach the person.  

I Think the Situation is Very Serious

If there is risk to the person's safety or that of anyone else, the situation is an emergency. In such cases contact Security or call 911 immediately. If the situation is urgent but not an emergency, and the person will not call or visit the Wellness Center or seek help elsewhere, please talk with Wellness Center staff. In some instances, one of our counselors might seek out the person of concern.  

Find Your College's Wellness Center  

​College Status​
Daley College ​Opens Jan. 30, 2012
Harold Washington College Open​
Kennedy-King College Open​
Malcolm X College​ Open
Olive-Harvey College Open​
Truman College Open​
Wright College Opens March 2012​

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