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CCC Wellness Centers Clinical Training Program

We begin accepting Masters-level graduate student applications on Jan. 5, 2018  
ACEPT guidelines apply to doctoral applicants. Doctoral-level applicants may apply beginning Feb. 2, 2018  

Please follow all instructions below so that we can give your application full consideration. Upon email receipt of your application, you will receive a message detailing interview dates and the interview process.  

Application Information for the CCC Wellness Centers Clinical Training Program    
for Training Year 2018-19    

Our clinical training program provides a rich and comprehensive training experience for about 44 masters-level counseling and social work, doctoral-level therapy (including advanced therapy), and doctoral-level diagnostic interns/externs each training year. We are one of the largest clinical training programs in Illinois and are dedicated to the development of new clinicians with emphasis on evidence-based methodology and mental health best practices.    

To learn more about about the training experience and how to apply for training placement, please click the following link: CCC Wellness Center Clinical Training Program '18-'19.docxCCC Wellness Center Clinical Training Program '18-'19.docx  ​

After carefully reading the Clinical Training Program Information page, you may apply using the following application: Clinical Training Program Application . FOR BEST RESULTS, CLICK AND CHOOSE "DOWNLOAD" or "SAVE" RATHER THAN "OPEN."  

Please feel free to contact Dr. Erica Schweitzer (email below) for general information about the training program or the site specific contact person below regarding information about a particular training site.    

​Site Contact ​College ​Email Addr​ess​​
​Anne Althoff ​Daley
Eric Crabtree-Nelson ​Harold Washington    

​​Karen Douglass ​Kennedy-King  
​Erica Schweitzer ​Malcolm X
​Mercedes Williams ​Olive-Harvey ​​​
​Carmen Perez ​Truman ​​
​Kathryn Chapman ​Wright