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Level UP


Level UP will prepare you for college-level coursework in a college environment. Students can save up to $3,000 in tuition and textbooks and eliminate up to 3 semesters of classes in 4-6 weeks. Not only can you accelerate your education in English and Math, but develop a support system with peers, faculty, and staff. Get involved with a close community of highly motivated peers and supportive teachers. Choose a schedule that fits your needs (a half day for one subject or a whole day for both English and Math).         
Be ready to take a new path with your education and apply early to ensure a seat!        

Level UP will run summer sessions at the following City Colleges campuses:

Harold Washington College:
Session I:  June 30th to July 25th
 Math: 9am -12pm, (Monday-Thursday)  (Class filled)
 Math: 1pm-4pm,  (Monday - Thursday)  (Class filled)

Session I:  June 30th to July 25th
English 9am-4pm, (Monday & Wednesday)
   English 9am-4pm, (Tuesday & Thursday)
   Orientation for new students on June 26th from 10-11am and 2-3pm.

Kennedy King College:
Session I: May 12 - May 28th
 Math:  9am – 1pm, (Monday – Thursday)
 English (Reading Writing): 2pm – 6pm, (Monday – Thursday)

Session II Math: June 6 – June 21
 Math:  9am – 5pm, (Friday & Saturday)

Session II English (Reading Writing): June 9 – June 26
 English (Reading Writing): 2pm – 6pm, (Monday – Thursday)
Session III June 23 – August 1
 Math:  9am – 1pm, (Monday & Wednesday)
 Math:  9am – 1pm, (Tuesday & Thursday)

Session IV Math July 28 – Aug 14
 Math:  9am – 1pm, (Monday – Thursday)

Session IV English: July 7 – July 24                      
 English (Reading Writing): 10am – 1pm, (Monday – Thursday)

Malcolm X College:
Session I:  June 23rd to July 18th
 Math: 9am to 12 pm, Monday-Thursday,
 English (Reading Writing): 9am to 12 pm, Monday-Thursday
 Math:  1pm to 4pm, (Monday-Thursday)
 English (Reading Writing): 1pm to 4pm, (Monday-Thursday)


Olive-Harvey College:
Session I:  June 23rd to July 31st
Math: 9:00am to 12pm, (Monday & Wednesday)
English: 1pm to 4pm, (Monday & Wednesday)
Reading: 9:00am to12pm, (Tuesday & Thursday)
Chemistry: 1pm to 4pm, (Tuesday & Thursday)

Wright College:
Session I:  June 24th to July31st
 Math:  2pm to 5pm (Monday thru Thursday)  (Class filled)
 English (Reading Writing): 2pm to 5pm, (Monday thru Thursday)   (Class filled)​


Here are the three steps you MUST complete in order to be ready for the first day of Level UP:        

1. Please apply to the City Colleges of Chicago.        

2. Once you have applied to CCC and you receive your Student ID number, take the COMPASS Placement Test. (Some colleges may require you to attend an orientation before taking the COMPASS Placement Test) The test takes 2-3 hours so be sure you won't have to rush. You can take the test at any of the City Colleges of Chicago. For more information about testing times and locations, please visit the link below:        

Placement Testing Information        

Take time to prepare for the COMPASS test! Your success on this test may mean the difference between 4 weeks and 48 weeks of developmental coursework. Use the link below to help you practice for the COMPASS exam:        

COMPASS Test Prep        

3. Please apply to the LevelUp program: the Online application is available at LevelUp online application        

or you can download the paper application LevelUP-Application.docx at then fax or email the application back to 312-553-3306 fax/LevelUp email.         

After you send us your application, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with more information. Contact us at or at (773)-265-5343 if you have any questions.         

Faculty & Staff

Harold Washington Coordinator: Rosie Banks,, 312-553-3086 

Kennedy-King Coordinator: Brandon Nichols,, 773-602-5072 

Malcolm X Coordinator: Adamma May,, 312-850-7397 

Olive-Harvey Coordinator: Sudipta Roy,, (773)291-6495 

Wright Coordinator: Richard Zelenka,, 773-481-8434 





Contact Information

773-COLLEGE (773-265-5343)
226 W. Jackson
Chicago, IL 60606
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