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Employee Records

​Records Management maintains personnel records for each employee of the City Colleges of Chicago to document employment, related decisions, and comply with government record keeping requirements. Access to an employee's personnel file is restricted to the employee, an authorized agent, and authorized administrators and supervisors.  

Reviewing Personnel Files     

  1. Current employees may inspect their own official personnel files and may request copies of, but not remove, documents in the file. Inspections by employees must be requested in writing to the Human Resources Department and will be scheduled within seven (7) working days after the employee makes the request. If such deadline cannot be met, the Human Resources Department shall have an additional seven (7) days to comply. The inspection must take place in the presence of an human resources staff member.
  2. Employees may review their file at least two (2) times in a calendar year when requests are made at reasonable intervals, unless otherwise provided in a collective bargaining agreement.
  3. If an employee disagrees with something in their personnel file, the employee may ask that the information be taken out of the file or corrected. If an agreement is not reached, the employee may put a rebuttal or explanatory statement (explaining why the information is inaccurate) in the file. The Human Resources Department shall attach the employee's statement to the disputed portion of the personnel record. The statement must be included whenever that disputed portion of the personnel record is released to a third party as long as the disputed record is part of the file.
  4. Employees do not have a right to see letters of reference, test documents, planning documents, pending claim documents, or investigation documents.