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Center for Operational Excellence

Scott H. Martyn

Associate Vice Chancellor, Strategy


The Center for Operational Excellence (COE) is a department within the City Colleges of Chicago Office of Strategy and Institituional Intelligence.  The office also includes the Decision Support and Workforce and Econimic Development departments.

The Strategic Objectives of the COE

  • Ensure alignment of initiatives and procurement to CCC’s strategic objectives.
  • Increase visibility into initiatives and transparency into prioritization process.
  • Mitigate internal and external project execution risk.
  • Minimize organizational fatigue from over commitment of resources.
  • Improve engagement across department and college leadership and management teams.
  • Work with Development to identify potential sources of funding for initiatives undertaken.

The Role of the COE

As the program management office (PMO) of the City Colleges of Chicago, the center is the vehicle to help district leadership deliver on their improvement effort goals.  The center;

  • is chartered to institutionalize project management disciplines within the district,
  • supports the deployment of project management initiatives,
  • performs as the functional owner of the project management methodology, tools, processes and practices across the district and
  • tracks and monitors the portfolio of strategic projects planned and in process throughout the district.

The COE provides project expertise, mentoring and training.  Recognized as the organization’s authority on all things related to Project Management, it provides project oversight and is accountable for the successful delivery of specific assigned projects.

The Responsibilities of the COE

The COE provides project management coordination across ten key aspects of project management:

  1. Project Resource Management – identify, assign and develop project resources from both within the Center for Operational Excellence and the district or college departments involved in the project.
  2. Financial Management – establish a project accounting structure to control spending.
  3. Vendor  Management – define procedures for the selection and deployment of project vendor services working with the CCC procurement team.
  4. Process Management – manage project processes.
  5. Project Monitoring – track all projects to ensure expected results.
  6. Project Selection – establish process and criterion for project selection leading to the greatest benefit.
  7. Knowledge Management – capture, retain and distribute project knowledge to enhance performance.
  8. Communications Management – establish tools, techniques and standards for project communications.
  9. Customer Management – manage the expectations and ensure their delivery to project customers.
  10. Training Management – provide training in program and project management throughout the district.

Faculty & Staff

Charles Ansell, Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives, (312) 553-3376

Rich Chandler, Executive Director, Strategic Planning (312) 553-3364

Daniel Dutchak, Project Team Leader, (312) 553-2866

Sherri Farris, Project Team Leader, (312) 553-2859

Aaron Feinstein, Project Team Leader, (312) 553-3309

Heather LaBelle, Project Team Leader, (312) 553-2664

Joan Lee, Project Team Leader, (312) 553-2889

Scott Martyn, Associate Vice Chancellor, Strategy, (312) 553-3472

Meridel Trimble, Project Team Leader, (312) 553-3471

Contact Information

(312) 553-3449
226 W. Jackson BLVD
6th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606-6998
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