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City Colleges of Chicago's GED®​ Testing Fee Scholarship



The GED®​ Testing Fee Scholarship will provide $70 worth of vouchers to eligible first-time test takers and to those who display readiness to pass all parts of the GED® exam, which costs $120. Eligible students must be in good standing and will be responsible for paying the remaining $50 ($12.50 for each of the 4 tests).

Click here to learn more about the GED® te​st and to register for GED® preparation classes near you.      

Eligibility criteria:      
  • Must be a first-time test taker; have not taken any parts of the 2014 GED® exam.
  • Before applying for the Scholarship, must have scored 'Likely to Pass' on all 4 parts of the GED Ready™ - Official Practice Test 
  • Must have successfully completed at least one session/semester of adult education work at CCC before being eligible for Scholarship.
  • Must be currently enrolled in an Adult Secondary Education (ASE) class and have accumulated enough attendance hours for a valid post-test.
  • Must be able to schedule testing and pay $12.50 for each subtest with credit card/debit card/prepaid debit card if approved for Scholarship.
  • Must be at least 18 years old. 
  • Must NOT have already received the GED®​ Testing Fee Scholarship from another City College of Chicago.

About the GED®

The General Educational Development (GED®) program offers preparation for the GED (high school equivalency) examination in either English or Spanish.         

The Adult Basic Edu​cation (ABE) Program provides courses to adults who test below the GED® level and need to improve basic reading and math skills before they qualify to move into the GED® level. The length of time necessary to prepare for the GED® exam depends on a combination of factors including the student's initial reading and math scores, previous years of education, length of time out of school, level of motivation, and amount of time available for study and homework.​    

Click here to learn more about the GED® test and to register for GED® preparation classes near you.

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