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Annual Notification of Non-Discrimination

​The City Colleges of Chicago does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, citizenship, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or handicap, veteran status, membership or lawful participation in the activities of any organization, or the exercise of rights guaranteed by local, state, or federal law with respect to hire, terms and conditions of employment, continued employment, admissions, or participation in Board programs, services, or activities.  The lack of English language skills shall not be a barrier to admission or participation in the District’s activities and programs.              
We encourage students and staff to work together to prevent acts of discrimination and harassment of any kind. Students or staff found to have engaged in acts of discrimination or harassment will be disciplined, which may include suspension or expulsion for students and termination for employees.​   

The City Colleges of Chicago does not discriminate in enrollment or access to any of these programs.
Persons seeking further information concerning the career and technical education offerings and specific
pre-requisite criteria for admission to these programs should contact:
Ileo N. Lott, Ed.D., Executive Director of Occupational Strategies Management   
Office of Workforce & Economic Development          
City Colleges of Chicago          
226 W. Jackson Blvd.          
Chicago, IL 60606          
(312) 553-2659          

For additional information regarding your rights, grievance procedures, or the Colleges’ non-discrimination policies please contact:              
Konstantina Christopoulos, Interim Title IX Coordinator  
EEO Office, City Colleges of Chicago           
226 W. Jackson Blvd., 12th Floor           
Chicago, Illinois 60606           
(312) 553-2865         
For information regarding Title IX compliance in matters related to gender equality in athletic programs at City Colleges of Chicago, please contact:
Michael Daigler, AVC-Athletics,Health,Wellness   
City Colleges of Chicago          
226 W. Jackson Blvd.          
Chicago IL 60606          
(312) 553-2809        
 Inquiries regarding compliance with Title IX may also be directed to the following individuals at each College:            
​College ​Name ​Phone ​Location
Harold Washington​ ​Patricia Cuevas
​Associate Dean, Student Services
​(312) 553-5833 ​Room 201-B
Harry S Truman ​ ​Indra Pelaez
​Associate Dean, Student Services
​(773) 907-2474 ​Room 1435
​Kennedy-King ​Isaac Zuniga
Associate Dean, Student Services
​(773) 602-5499 ​Room W110
Malcolm X​ ​Lisa Willis
​Associate Dean, Student Services
​(312) 850-7066 Room 1308
Olive-Harvey​ ​Dr. Ria Pinkston-McKee
Associate Dean, Student Services
​(773) 291-6251 ​Room 2423L
Richard J. Daley​ Maria Acosta
​Associate Dean, Student Services
(773) 838-7570 ​Room 1111
​Wright ​Linda Huertas
​Associate Dean, Student Services
​(773) 481 8453 ​Room L139
The following persons have been designated to handle student inquiries regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Amendments Act, the Rehabilitation Act, and related statutes and City Colleges of Chicago policies:            
Section 504 Coordinators
​College ​Name ​Job Title ​Phone ​Location
Daley​ ​Karen Barnett-Lee ​Advisor, Disability Access ​(773) 838-7578 ​Disability Access Center
​Harold Washington ​Niki Radford ​Director, Disability Access Center ​(312) 553-3050 ​Room 107
​Kennedy-King ​Dr. Zalika Landrum ​Director, Disability Access Center ​(773) 602-5278 ​W108 or W149
​Malcolm X ​Tanya Cox ​Director, Disability Access Center ​(312) 850-7128 ​Room 1509
​Olive-Harvey ​Raynette Clark-Gully ​Program Coordinator ​(773) 291-6345 (voice/TTY)
(773) 291-6170 (voice)
​Room 1401
​Truman ​Linda Ford ​Director, Disability Access Center ​(773) 907-4725 ​Larry McKeon Student Services Building,
Room 162
​Wright ​Vinita Subramani ​Director, Disability Access Center ​(773) 481-8016 ​Room L135
For further information on notice of non-discrimination, visit the U.S. Department of Education for the address and phone number of the office that serves your area, or call 1-800-421-3481.