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Student Resources Quick Guide


​Student Resources: Quick Guide   

I want to:      

visit an advisor.     
Where to go: Advising Center, Larry McKeon Student Services Building, Room 118 (or make an appointment through GradesFirst!) 

transfer to a 4-year college.      
Where to go: Transfer Center, Main Building, Room 1220A (Wilson Avenue Lobby) 

find a job or internship.     
Where to go: Career Center, Larry McKeon Student Services Building, Room 162 

get tutoring in a difficult subject.     
Where to go:     
 •       Tutoring center, Larry McKeon Student Services Building, Room 177     
 •       Writing Center, Main Building, Room 1435     
 •       Math Center, Main Building, Room 1220 (Wilson Avenue Lobby)     
 •       CIS Lab, Main Building, Room L567     
 •       Foreign Language Lab, Main Building, Room 2100     

get help from a professor.      
Where to go: Go to faculty office hours. See your class syllabi for locations and times.        

take a placement exam.     
Where to go: Testing Center, Larry McKeon Student Services Building, Room 136     

order books or supplies for class.     
Where to go: Online through Akademos   

pick-up ordered materials.    
Where to go: Bookstore, Main Building, Room 1176.        

check out a library book.     
Where to go: Cosgrove Library, Main Building, Lower Level Webpage: (if avail)       

ask a question about financial aid.    
Where to go: Financial aid office, Larry McKeon Student Services Building, Room S105 Webpage:       

learn about scholarship opportunities.    
Where to go: Online at       

learn about veterans benefits.    
Where to go: Veterans center, Larry McKeon Student Services Building, Room S105    

access services for students with disabilities.    
Where to go: Disability Access Center, Main Building, Room 1435    

get help with a personal issue.    
Where to go: Wellness Center, Main Building, Room 1936    

get a loaner laptop.    
Where to go: Larry McKeon Student Services Building, Room 197    

join a sport.    
Where to go: Athletics, Main Building, Room 1625    

get involved in a club or hold an event.     
Where to go: Student Activities Center, Main Building, Room 1627    
Read more in the SGA & Student Club Handbook:,%20Groups,%20Organizations/SGA_Student_Club_Group_Organization_Handbook_FINAL.pdf      

find care for a pre-school aged child.    
Where to go: Childcare center, Main Building, Room 1128 Webpage:      

Where to go: Fitness center, Dave Rowlands Sports Center    

report a concern.    
Where to go: your president’s office or call 773-COLLEGE.       



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