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Service Learning

Merry Mayer

Service Learning Coordinator
​​​Courses that incorporate Service Learning either require or provide students with the opportunity to serve the community in some way and then tie that experience to course concepts.

Service Learning courses:       

  • Will engage students with real world problems
  • Allow students to learn more about their community
  • Enable students to learn actively, not just through lecture or in class
  • Foster relationships with fellow students, faculty and outside professionals
  • Help students develop career-related skills, such as working as a member of a team, communicating effectively and solving problems ​

Service Learning Courses for Spring 2016


  • Anthropology 202 I8 (62854), J8 (67382), P8 (62856) – Voluntary 
  • Anthropology 206 E8 (63058) – Voluntary
  • Business 208 P (62677) – Mandatory
  • Biology 119 ACU6 (62967), BD6 (62964), FH6 (62966) – Mandatory
  • Chemistry 212 BD6 (62943) – Mandatory
  • Literature 111 UVW6 (63112) – Mandatory
  • Political Science 201 A (62579) - Voluntary 
  • ​Political Science 204 HON8 (62584)  - Voluntary
  • Psychology 222 O (62605) – Voluntary
  • Social Science 102 F68 (63242) – Mandatory
  • Social Service 102 PR (62694) – Voluntary
  • Sociology 201 R​8 (62623) – Voluntary 

  • Business 269 HYB (62681) – Mandatory

Students will act as management consultants to a business. The business will self-identify several business related challenges and students will also provide a diagnosis of the business' challenges. Throughout the term, students will be introduced to management theories which will aid them in devising a strategy to address the business issues by the end of the term. Students are often not sure about the real-life applicability of what they are learning in class; this class will make those connections clear to them.    

  • English 101 D6 (63105) - Mandatory

​This course will involve working with Lake View High School seniors on a News Literacy writing project. The course will include connecting with the high school students via technology mostly to share and workshop writing assignments, and ​one visit to their camp​us during class time as well as hosting one visit at our campus during class time. By engaging in a collaborative writing project, students will develop the skills of collaborative workshopping, peer editing, and help promote college readiness in the high school classroom. The 101 students will be demonstrating college-level writing skills and academic discipline to model for the high school students. ​   

  • Psychology 207 F (63061) - Mandatory

​Students must complete 2 reflection papers after completing 8 hours of service. Students need to research the organization, understand the organization’s missions and goals, explain why service is important to learning, and finally, students need to take their service experience and connect to concepts and theories presented in class or from the text.     


Wright College Serv​ice Learning - Spring 2016 (11.17.2015) 




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