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Victoria Polotsky, Chairperson

Pat Miceli, Co-Chairperson


The Department of Mathematics offers students of diverse backgrounds and skills a variety of mathematics courses so that students will develop the ability to explore, conjecture, reason logically, and effectively solve mathematical problems. Students utilize multiple methods and current technology to acquire the knowledge necessary to succeed in their future endeavors.                            

Department Goals:    

  1. Develop critical thinking skills and apply them in everyday situations.
  2. Demonstrate quantitative literacy in interpreting data presented verbally, graphically, numerically, and in written form.
  3. Use current technology to enhance insight into mathematics.
  4. Integrate mathematical knowledge across the curriculum.
  5. Learn the essential role of mathematics in everyday life.
​​​​​​​​​​​​Student Learning Outcomes:​

1. Use formulas, graphs, and/or tables from which to draw inferences, make predictions, and illustrate mathematical situations    

2. Process mathematical information symbolically, visually, numerically, and verbally.    

3.Apply mathematics (arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, calculus or statistics) to solve real world problems encountered in their future.    

4. Use current technology as support for learning or doing mathematics.    

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Math Club Officers

Hellen Colman, Vinay Duggal, and Julius Nadas.​         




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