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This extensive journal contains peer-reviewed reports, reviews, commentary, letters and interviews about anything that has the potential to be addictive. A great resource for addiction studies.

Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery

This organization’s website outlines many of the major addictions we are familiar with in society including: alcohol, food, shopping, sex, opiates, and gambling just to name a few. The website gives you detailed information about each addition. This is a good starting point when choosing an addiction topic.

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Extensive research on several types of addiction are available. As well as treatment solutions for addiction and drug abuse are provided.

The New Science of Addiction: Genetics and the Brain, University of Utah

This site, created by the University of Utah, provides scientific information about how different drugs affect the human body using visual aids, videos, and detailed imagery.

Psychology Today

This premier psychology publication includes research from experts in the field. A plethora of information regarding addictive behavior and addictions such as shopping and alcohol are discussed.

A resource that contains free peer-reviewed articles on addiction, that presents scientific research. Note: When using this resource filter results to "free full-text"

Teens Health: Dealing with Addiction

This website provides information about how teens deal with addiction, and how teens can cope with difficult situations to avoid traveling down the road of addiction.

Arts and Architecture


A premier free resource for art history research dating back to 400 C.E. Post colonial art dating from 1960 to today is also featured including specific artists and art movements.

TinEye: Reverse Image Search

This useful resource will help you identify images you find on the web, determine how the image is being used online, and if higher resolutions of the image can be found somewhere else on the web.


A premier institution of art, that has provided high resolution images from their collection via the internet.

Vincent van Gogh The Letters, Van Gogh Museum

Letters and correspondence from Vincent van Gogh and his brother Theo and others are made available online.

Citation Builders


A free MLA citation builder

UNC Libraries

A free citation builder for APA, MLA, CSE (author-date), Chicago Style (author-date), Chicago Style (notes and bibliography)

Environmental Technology/Environmental Science

Environmental Working Group


Audiovisual Thinking: The Journal of Academic Videos

Typical journal articles exist on paper wherein arguments develop letter by printed letter.  This journal explores media and the moving image by way of audiovisual essays.

Journal of Aesthetics & Culture

The Journal of Aesthetics & Culture is a peer-reviewed open source journal dedicated to promoting an interdisciplinary examination on the philosophy of art. Though the journal covers a wide variety of topics, its focus on cinema studies and media & communication studies is outstanding.

In Media Res

Unlike most academic journals, In Media Res incorporates a multi-modal form of online scholarship. Each entry in this database includes a segment of film, to which a film scholar responds with a brief "impressionistic" response. In Media Res hopes to encourage debate and discussion and bridge the gap between academic and non-academic cinephiles.

Sight & Sound Magazine

The digital web companion to the esteemed print periodical, Sight & Sound is devoted to film criticism and film reviews (including limited release art house films).

General Reference

Infoplease: Encyclopedia, Almanac, Atlas, Biographies, Dictionary, Thesaurus
Bibliomania: Free Online Literature & Study Guides
Internet Public Library
Library of Congress
Bartleby: Great Books Online 


UNAtlas of the Oceans

This website provides geographical information about the world's oceans and outlines the uses of and the issues related to the bodies of water that occupy two-thirds of our planet.


The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database 

This database from Emory University contains information about more than 35,000 slave voyages including voyage itinerary, captain and crew, and number of slaves.

Information Technology

Delphi Method

Project Meshnet

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

PC World

LGBT Topics

Gerber/Hart Library and Archives

Gay and Lesbian Studies at the University of Chicago

Chicago History Museum


Library of Congress: American Memory: Literature Collection

The Literature section of The American Memory Project collects a variety of digitized literary artifacts, including, among other things, popular books and magazines from the 19th century, hand-written letters from Ernest Hemingway and Ralph Waldo Emerson, and playbills from several WPA sponsored productions of Shakespeare.

Literary Vocabulary

Created and maintained by a professor at Carson-Newman University, this literary dictionary is a comprehensive lexicon of terms used by students and scholars alike. Easy to navigate, this resource is great for writing research papers as well as understanding complex texts.

Norton Anthology of American Literature    

This huge resource is organized by author, topic and historical backgrounds. The reputable database helps students with compiling a bibliography, writing biographies, and connecting the author's work with its time period. Critical commentary on literary works is included. Be sure to cite this website in your paper.

Women Writers Project

The Womens Writers Project provides both full transcriptions of early women's writing in English (rare or unusual works published between 1526 and 1850) as well as original research on these primary sources.

OpenSource Shakespeare

OpenSource Shakespeare allows students to search the complete texts of every Shakespeare play, as well as every sonnet and poems. This is an excellent resource for students researching important themes across multiple works.

Local Libraries

University of Illinois at Chicago

Northeastern University Library

Chicago Public Library


American Mathematical Society

The AMA website is a useful resource for math students at all levels. Whether you are considering majoring in math as an undergraduate student or you are interested in pursuing a career in mathematics, the AMA website has something for you.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a remarkable tool for solving mathematical equations, as well as answering questions related to several other academic fields. Unlike powerful search engines, which search the information available on the web, Wolfram Alpha accepts queries entered in natural language and answers them using built-in data, algorithms, and methods.

Khan Academy

Offering thousands of mini-lectures and hundreds of thousands of practice problems, Khan Academy is an impressive online classroom with the expressed goal of providing a "free world-class education for anyone anywhere." In addition to providing lectures on the sciences and the arts & humanities, Khan Academy teaches every level of math, from arithmetic to algebra and geometry, from trigonometry and calculus to differential equations and linear algebra.

The Math Forum @ Drexel University

Similar to Khan Academy, the Math Forum seeks to cover a broad spectrum of mathematical ideas. Along with innumerable practice problems, the Math Forum offers online mentoring, collaboration, and professional development opportunities.

Precalculus Website   

Developed by a professor at New York University, this includes precalculus handouts, sample quizzes, exams and problems from courses. Links to other courses such as elementary statistics and advanced calculus are included.

Virtual Math Lab

This complete website guides students through college algebra, beginning algebra and math for the sciences. It also provides tutorials with many problems and answers that are easy to under-stand. Clearly explained.


New Music USA

The New Music USA Online Library is a vast and comprehensive digital database that contains over 57,000 works by more than 6,000 composers, and includes over 14,000 media samples.

Free Music Archive

A library of high-quality, legal audio downloads in many genres - classical to hip hop to experimental - maintained by radio station WFMU, and curated by partner radio stations, museums, music festivals, and record labels. Each mp3 can be downloaded for free, and is pre-cleared for other uses, such as remix projects, production soundtracks, et cetera.

Center for Black Music Research

Sponsored by Columbia College in Chicago, CBMR is devoted to "research, preservation, and dissemination of information" about the development, influence, and nuance of black music across the globe. The website offers a variety of resources, including definitions of styles and genres, bibliographies and music lists, and a series of podcasts that explore five centuries of black music.

Classical Tyro

Classical Tyro seeks to introduce beginners to the world of classical music. Utilizing a brigade of YouTube videos, this classical music blog makes it easy to understand what differentiates certain musical periods from others, why certain composers are important, and how the mechanics of music function.


The digital companion to the monthly print magazine, Gramophone bills itself as offering "The World's Best Classical Music Reviews." Less useful for beginners, Gramophone discusses both contemporary classical musicians and composers as well as "the all-time greats."

OnMusic Dictionary

This visually pleasant, comprehensive web resource is a great resource for music neophytes and mavens. Going way beyond simple definitions of musical terms, this resource provides biographical information on important composers, explains musical symbols as they relate to composition and performance, and describes all the instruments that constitute a symphony orchestra.

Library of Congress: American Memory: Performing Arts, Music Collection,%20Music

The Performing Arts and Music section of The American Memory Project collects a variety of digitized music artifacts, including, among other things, sheet music, photographs, and audio recordings from a wide spectrum of American history. Students may listen to Civil War era brass band music one minute and examine Leonard Bernstein’s hand-written notes from his concert series the next.


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

This large online resource defines numerous philosophic terms and explains a large variety of topics, mostly in western philosophy.  Lengthy studies on philosophers and their lives will help students. It is regularly updated by experts in the field.


American Psychological Association (APA) 


American Society of Radiologic Technologists, Code of Ethics 

American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, Standards of Ethics 

Illinois State Society of Radiologic Technologists 

Introduction to Radiology: An Online Interactive Tutorial

Occupational Safety & Health Administration, Radiology

This government agency website reviews the common safetyand health topics you would experience in radiology.

Occupational Outlook Handbook-Radiologic Technologists and Technicians

The Occupational Outlook Handbook authored by the government agency the Bureau of Labor and Statistics gives you information about what they do, work environment, pay, and job outlook.

Radiology Assistant 

Dutch experts in the field of radiology provide imagery and information about common clinical problems.

Glossary of terms, patient safety, and professions in radiology are reviewed


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC)

American Nuclear Society

 International Atomic Energy Agency


British Library


C-SPAN Video Library

World News

NHK World

The Guardian