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Sheldon W. Liebman, Ph.D.



The Department of Humanities focuses on the understanding of the role of arts and ideas in a global culture and within the history of ideas both related to and independent of time and place.  Our department offers a student-centered approach for individuals with diverse cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds, genders, talents, interests, and abilities.  In partnership with students, we will foster critical and independent thinking, as well as an appreciation for various cultural expressions.  At the same time, the students will develop analytical skills and effective writing, speaking and comprehension strategies for dealing with literary and visual works.      



  1. To introduce students to the disciplines within the Humanities
  2. To introduce students to a foreign language: French, Polish, or Spanish
  3. To improve the speaking and writing abilities of native and near-native speakers of a foreign language
  4. To help students appreciate other cultures than their own
  5. To introduce students to the history of art 
  6. To enable students to understand art and ideas within cultural and historical contexts

Student Outcomes

Students who complete Humanities courses should be able to:
[the school wide general education SLOs are in parenthesis]

  1. Analyze a primary text (philosophy, literature, music and/or visual arts) [gen ed 1 and 2)
  2. Construct and evaluate an argument [1, 2, 4]
  3. Recognize the perspective of peoples with different backgrounds. [4,5]
  4. Identify major traditions and intellectual/creative contributions within the disciplines. [4,5]
  5. Synthesize materials in a reflective manner. [1, 2, 4]
  6. Develop an idea from inception to completion [1,2,4]
  7. Investigate essential questions about the human condition [1, 4,5]
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of ethical values within a pluralistic society. [2, 4, 5]

​​​Student Outcomes

Students who complete Foreign Language courses should be able to:
[the school wide general education SLOs are in parenthesis] 

  1. Demonstrate oral and written proficiency at the appropriate level of instruction in the target language. [2, 4, 5]
  2.  Demonstrate reading and writing comprehension  at the appropriate level of instruction in the target language. [2, 4, 5]
  3. Demonstrate understanding of literary, historical, geographical, artistic foundations and trends of the various cultures and traditions being studied. [2, 4, 5]​

General Education Abilities

  1. Contemplate and read critically to solve problems using appropriate resources and reasoning processes
  2. Read, write, speak, and listen effectively so that the expectations of appropriate audiences in the academic, public, and private sectors are met
  3. Demonstrate quantitative and technological literacy, especially computer literacy, for interpreting data, reasoning, and problem-solving
  4. Understand and appreciate diversity in gender, race, age, class, and culture as well as differences in physical abilities in a global society 
  5. Understand and develop ethical values, life goals, and interpersonal skills that will prepare them for lifelong learning, employability, and effective citizenship




Faculty & Staff

​Name ​Phone ​Email ​Office ​Discipline
Choe, Jessi​ ​(773) 481-8372 ​ ​L221 ​Humanities
Csaszar, Sonia​ (773) 481-8642​​ L225​ Humanities​
Galinsky, Galina​ (773) 481-8366​​ L218​ Foreign Languages​
Gamino, Juan​ (773) 481-8641​​ L217​ Foreign Languages​
Guiu, Adrian​ ​(773) 481-8226 ​ ​L222 ​​Humanities
Hoover, Polly​ (773) 481-8373​​ L224​ Humanities​
Liebman, Sheldon​ (773) 481-8136​​ L227​ Department Chair, Humanities
Migaj, David​ (773) 481-8643​​ L219​ Foreign Languages​
Scianna, Maria​ (773) 481-8365​​ L227​ Department Secretary​
Uwodi, Martin​ (773) 481-8367​​ L223​ Philosophy​

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