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Sheldon W. Liebman, Ph.D.



The Department of Humanities focuses on the understanding of the role of arts and ideas in a global culture and within the history of ideas both related to and independent of time and place.  Our department offers a student-centered approach for individuals with diverse cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds, genders, talents, interests, and abilities.  In partnership with students, we will foster critical and independent thinking, as well as an appreciation for various cultural expressions.  At the same time, the students will develop analytical skills and effective writing, speaking and comprehension strategies for dealing with literary and visual works.        

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Faculty & Staff

​Name ​Phone ​Email ​Office ​Discipline
Choe, Jessi​ ​(773) 481-8372 ​ ​L221 ​Humanities
Csaszar, Sonia​ (773) 481-8642​​ L225​ Humanities​
Galinsky, Galina​ (773) 481-8366​​ L218​ Foreign Languages​
Gamino, Juan​ (773) 481-8641​​ L217​ Foreign Languages​
Guiu, Adrian​ ​(773) 481-8226 ​ ​L222 ​​Humanities
Hoover, Polly​ (773) 481-8373​​ L224​ Humanities​
Liebman, Sheldon​ (773) 481-8136​​ L227​ Department Chair, Humanities
Migaj, David​ (773) 481-8643​​ L219​ Foreign Languages​
Scianna, Maria​ (773) 481-8365​​ L227​ Department Secretary​
Uwodi, Martin​ (773) 481-8367​​ L223​ Philosophy​

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Contact Information

(773) 481-8368
4300 N. Narragansett Ave.
Chicago, IL 60634-1591
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Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


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