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Environmental Technology

David Inman

Director of Environmental Technology Program

The Environmental Technology Program at Wright College grants degrees and certificates to students pursuing careers in the energy efficiency, environmental, health & safety, and emergency management sectors, with an emphasis on anticipating future directions in these fields. This progressive, hands-on program is the only ICCB approved program in the State of Illinois.

Wright offers both an Associates of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree and a Certificate in Environmental Technology for students who have already earned a post-secondary degree or are currently employed in the environmental, health and safety field. Additionally, an Associates of Environmental Science (A.S.) degree can be earned by students wishing to pursue a degree in environmental science at a university.

Students interested in the Emergency Management track can pursue one or more of three Basic Certificate programs: Homeland security, Incident Command, and Emergency Preparedness. Upon completion of the basic certificate requirements students may go on to A.A.S. Degree completion. In addition to advanced concepts of emergency management, classes in the Degree program are designed to provide basic general educational skills needed by Emergency Managers today.

Wright offers a Certificate in Building Energy Technologies, a program designed to incorporate sustainability and energy efficiency concepts into building construction, retrofitting, and operations, but applies to a much broader range of career paths.

The Environmental Tech Program also presents continuing  ed. training and workshops covering a variety of subject matter, such as residential weatherization, OSHA certification, bee-keeping, renewable  energy, and other timely topics.

On October 9th, 2012, the Illinois Green Governments Coordinating Council recognized Wright College for achieving the bronze standard of recognition level of sustainability goals in higher education as established by the Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact.

Davin Inman and Dr. Victoria Cooper Receive Award
David Inman, Director of Environmental Technology (far left), and Dr. Victoria Cooper, Director of Environmental Technology (emeritus), accept the award on behalf of Wright College.



Building Energy Technologies
Emergency Management
Emergency Preparedness
Environmental Technology
Homeland Security
Incident Command

Faculty & Staff

​Name ​Title ​Phone ​Email ​Office
​David R. Inman ​Director of Environmental Technology ​(773) 481-8477 ​L-269
​Carmen Santiago ​Clerical Assistant II ​(773) 481-8610 ​A-141
​James T. Gill ​Project Manager IGEN ​(773) 481-8793 ​L-270
​Mila Simeonovska ​Coordinator II ​(773) 481-8038 ​A-141
​Robert Herley ​Coordinator II ​(773) 481-8794 ​L-271
​Gizenia Garcia ​Admin. Assistant I ​(773) 481-8079 ​A-141

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