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Business Department

Ken Santiago

Business Department Mission Statement                        
The Business Department of Wilbur Wright College creates an environment of intellectual inquiry driven by the need to ground theory in practical application. Using the city of Chicago as well as the classroom to advance the knowledge and practice of multiple business concentrations, we serve students of diverse backgrounds, talents, and abilities by preparing them to engage knowledgeably and ethically in local and global business communities and offering opportunities to build leadership and networking skills through our clubs and social organizations. Our programs lead to Baccalaureate transfer, career enhancement and/or personal development.                       
Business Department Objectives                        
Our goal is to develop business professionals who:                        
  • are well prepared to meet the professional challenges of a changing local and global business environment
  • use academic theory and concepts for practical application in a variety of business disciplines such as Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Management, and Computer Information Systems
  • add value to institutions both public and private through their skills, ethics, integrity, and professionalism
  • understand that, as business leaders, they may be called upon to serve their community in multiple capacities.
Student Learning Outcomes                        
Upon completion of business courses, students will be able to:                        
  • define, explain, and evaluate basic business concepts; identify essential elements of successful business operations and apply those concepts to real world business contexts.
  • identify the framework that constitutes our national and the international economic systems and the roles played by businesses, consumers, technology, and/or governments.
  • critically discuss and apply business ethics in a variety of business settings, as well as recognize and challenge ethical misconduct; evaluate ethical standards and employ these standards in decision-making
  • demonstrate basic and appropriate computer literacy and skills
  • use critical thinking in interpreting and applying business concepts to actual business situations; demonstrate competence in basic research. 

Ladder Up provides hardworking people with the financial resources and opportunities they need to move up the economic ladder.                        

We provide free tax return preparation, college financial aid application assistance, and practical money management workshops.                        

Free services available through the Tax Assistance Program include:                        

  • Preparation of Federal and Illinois income tax returns
  • E-file
  • ITIN application assistance (Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers are needed for taxpayers that do not have and are not eligible to receive a Social Security Number)
  • Preparation of prior-year tax returns (for 3 previous years)​

ACBSP accredits Wright College's Accounting A.A.S., Management Marketing A.A.S., and Computer Information Systems A.A.S. degrees. For additional information about ACBSP, please visit their homepage by clicking here​, or by downloading the "A Gui​​de for Students" brochure.​ 



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