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Professor Alicia J Anzaldo

Department Chairperson

​The mission of the Biology Department is to open doors to the future for our students.  To accomplish this mission the curriculum is designed and organized to prepare competent and effective students who can use biological principles and who can critically think, read, and demonstrate quantitative and technological literacy.  With these skills, biology students can successfully achieve their life goals and m​ake informed judgments concerning the medical and environmental worlds.      

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Faculty & Staff

Name​ Phone​ Email​ Office​
Alicia Anzaldo, Professor​ (773) 481-8789​ L265
Darlene Attiah, Assistant Professor​ (773) 481-8476​​ L261​
Janute Casey, Lab Technician​ (773) 481-8903​​ S218​
​Akilah Easter, Instructor  (773) 481-8478​​ L264​
Matthew Greif, Instructor​ (773) 481-8798​​ L275​
Henry Herzog,  Associate Professor​ (773) 481-8791​​ L268​
Mira Kolodkin , Instructor (773) 481-8795 L272 
Kurt Leslie,  Assistant Professor​ (773) 481-8480​​ L263​
Noah Marshall, Instructor​ (773) 481-8797​ L264​
Helen Rarick, Associate Professor​ (773) 481-8475​​ L266​
Elena Viana-Valdez, Secretary​ (773) 481-8470​​ L280​

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Contact Information

(773) 481-8470
(773) 481-8616
4300 N. Narragansett Ave.
Room L-280
Chicago, IL 60634-1591
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Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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