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Vincent Bruckert, M.A.

Committee Chair

​​At the City Colleges of Chicago, assessment is considered a systematic and ongoing process that collects aggregate data about what students know and can do based on measurable student learning outcomes for:                   

  • General Education, including Communications, Mathematics, Physical/Life Sciences, Humanities/Fine Arts, Social/Behavioral Sciences, and Human Diversity                   

  • College to Career (C2C) programs                  

  • Core courses for our academic discipli​​​nes              

Data and information resulting from the assessment process serve to inform improvements in pedagogy, course content, the curriculum, learning resources, and student services.  Because the assessment process must be faculty owned, faculty driven, and administratively supported, utilization of assessment data by faculty is designed to improve student performance, student development, and student achievement.​                  


Assessment Committee Members

  • Vincent Bruckert (Chair) - English
  • Timothy Andriano - Social Service
  • Beverly Bennett - Social Science
  • Jeanette Bruno - Library
  • Susan Colon - VPA
  • Paul Croitoru - Business
  • Helen Doss - English
  • Matthew Grief - Biology
  • Adrian Guiu - Humanities
  • Fred Hernandez - CIS
  • Ted Jankowski - Math
  • Andrew Kruger - Physical Science
  • Adrienne Leyva - OTA          
  • Merry Mayer - Social Science
  • Jane McNiven - Paralegal
  • Julius Nadas - Math
  • Krzysztof Ochwat - Physical Science
  • Sandy Shawgo - Radiography
  • Andrew Spiropoulos - Physical Education 






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