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Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)


Welcome to the Wright College AQIP Page 

The Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) is one of three pathways leading to reaffirmation of accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). AQIP's various processes and requirements are designed to assist institutions in continuous quality improvement, along with reaffirming the institution’s accreditation status with the HLC once every AQIP cycle.                     

The Revised AQIP Pathway C​​​ategories (now six in number) provide a framework that institutions can use to examine key processes to analyze, understand, and explore opportunities for improvement. The use of the categories is fundamental to the development of the institution’s Systems Portfolio (college self study).​                   

  • Category One: Helping Students Learn                      

  • Category Two: Meeting Student and Other Key Stakeholder Needs                      

  • Category Three: Valuing Employees                      

  • Category Four: Planning and Leading                      

  • Category Five: Knowledge Management and Resource Stewardship                     

  • Category Six: Quality Overview​                      

Through the projects and reports on this site, the college community strives to demonstrate the qualities that the Higher Learning Commission associates with high-performing organizations. Please explore this site and learn about completed projects and those that are in progress at Wright College. Staff and students are encouraged to collaborate with the AQIP team and contribute to continuous quality improvement efforts within the college.​​​​​            

AQIP Steering Committee Members

David Potash, Nicole Reaves, Alicia Anzaldo, Tanveer Azmat, Vince Bruckert, Larry Buonaguidi, Susan Calabrese, Tim Doherty, Barbara Hajnos, Bob Herley, Dave Inman, Malgorzata Kluza, Jim Howley, Nancy Koll, Bill Marsh, Noah Marshall, Pat Miceli, Romell Murden-Woldu, Suzanne Sanders, Gabe Schneider, Sara Schupack, Griselda Silva, Brian Trzebiatowski, Phoebe Wood, Manuel Zanabria​​​​​

AQIP Category Committees          





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