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Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)

AQIP Steering Committee


Welcome to the Wright College AQIP Page. 

AQIP is the acronym for Academic Quality Improvement Program that refers to an intensive and systemic process of analysis and improvement of all things at Wright College. This process is part of the college’s obligation to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the organization that oversees the federally-mandated reaccreditation for the college. AQIP involves nine categories, five criteria, three annual action projects, and ten qualities related to assessment and evaluation for continuous improvement.  The largest document submitted to HLC is the AQIP Systems Portfolio. This report, posted under Publications on the website, answers questions designed by HLC from nine separate categories.                                    

The categories describe central college objectives, including helping students learn, valuing people, leading and communicating, and six other key areas that make Wright College an educational institution that effectively serves both students and the community. The Higher Learning Commission also has established five criteria that must be met to award associate degrees - Mission and Integrity; Preparing for the Future; Student Learning and Effective Teaching; Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge; and Engagement and Service. HLC identifies these five criteria as crucial to sustaining a positive and effective learning environment, and the commission expects that these are demonstrated in the college’s everyday operations and long-term strategies. By measuring student learning and analyzing department and college processes and activities, the college seeks to make data-informed decisions. These decisions, once implemented, are designed to produce department, program, and college-wide improvements.  With quality improvement as the central focus, Wright College faculty, staff, students, and external partners review data and processes to enhance performance and service. The reports and data that are stored on this site provide a way for faculty and others to develop and share insights and strategies.  AQIP Action Projects include studies and data that target process enhancements and program innovation.                     

Through the projects and reports on this site, the college community strives to demonstrate the ten qualities that the Higher Learning Commission associates with high-performing organizations. One of these qualities is involvement, so please read through this site and learn about completed projects and those that are in progress to improve the college.  Another HLC quality measure is collaboration, so we look forward to discovering the ways YOU can contribute to help make the Wright College community the best it can be!​                                                  




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