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In-Progress Prerequisite Registration FAQ

In Progress Prerequisite Registration FAQ

What is “in-progress prerequisite online registration?”
In-progress prerequisite registration enables students in good standing to register for the next course in an academic program sequence while they are enrolled in and actively pursuing the prerequisite to that course.
What is a prerequisite?
A prerequisite is an academic requirement (typically a course) that must be successfully completed prior to advancing to the next step in an academic program (typically the next course in the sequence): for example, English 101 is a prerequisite to English 102. In some cases, a prerequisite might also be satisfied by earning a certain test score or by obtaining permission from college administration.
Will in-progress prerequisite online registration address all possible prerequisites to register for the next course in an academic program?
No. This new feature does not consider test scores, waivers, or permissions granted by a department chair. The in-progress prerequisites feature only addresses registering for the next course in an academic program while you are enrolled in and actively pursuing the prerequisite course to it.
What does “active pursuit” mean?
Active pursuit means all the requirements you must satisfy to successfully pass a course. Course requirements are detailed in the course syllabus and may include academic activities, work assignments, term papers, reports, exams, classroom attendance and participation, and the like. More information is available in the Student Policy Manual, page 25.
What if my midterm grade is not “C” or better? Will I still be able to pre-register for the next course in sequence?
Yes. You will not be prevented from registering for the next course in sequence even if your midterm grade is below “C.” Even though you may register for the next course, your final grade in the prerequisite course will ultimately determine if you are eligible to take the next registered course in sequence.
Consequently if your midterm grade is below “C,” you should meet with your instructor immediately to seek ways to improve your standing in the course. Your assigned Academic Advisor is another valuable resource. The objective is to get you back on track so you can successfully pass the course.
What if I pass the prerequisite class, but not the exit exam?
You must meet ALL course requirements. Therefore, if a prerequisite course consists of both completing in-classroom requirements and an exit exam, you must pass both to successfully pass the course.
Will I be notified if I am no longer eligible to take a course I pre-registered for?
Yes. If it turns out that you do not meet all prerequisite requirements for a course for which you pre-registered (for example, you did not successfully pass the prerequisite course), you will receive an email notification indicating which registered courses have been removed from your schedule. The notifications will be sent to your student email account at All other courses you registered for that do not rely on completing the prerequisite are still valid and remain on your schedule.
How can I take advantage of in-progress prerequisite online registration?
  • You must be in good standing – no Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) holds, no financial payment deficiencies, not on probation, and no mandatory college advisement restrictions.
  • You must be eligible for the course, meaning you are actively pursuing the prerequisite and making successful progress toward completing it in the current term, and completing any other course entrance requirements.
  • You may not exceed your credit hour limit – the total credit hours may not be greater than the credit hour limit that applies to you.
Are there types of courses I may not be able to pre-register for while pursuing the prerequisites?
Yes. The types of courses you will not be able to pre-register for are Adult Education, Foundational Courses, Internships, and Signature Program courses. These courses typically require that you meet with your assigned Academic Advisor before registering for them.
For purposes of online early registration, what courses are NOT considered “in-progress?”
  • A Credit by Examination that has been completed, but not recorded in your official student record.
  • A Credit by Evaluation that has been completed, but not recorded in your official student record.
  • Any prerequisite course being actively pursued at another higher education institution outside the City Colleges of Chicago.
What courses are considered “in-progress” for purposes of online early registration?
  • A Center for Distance Learning credit course being actively pursued.
  • A Developmental Education credit course being actively pursued.
  • Any other City Colleges of Chicago credit course being actively pursued.
I am in good standing, but, for other reasons, I cannot register online. What can I do?
If there are circumstances that prevent you from registering online and taking advantage of in-progress prerequisite registration, please contact your Academic Advisor for further direction.
How is the in-progress prerequisite online registration beneficial?
This capability gives students an advantage in planning their academic program by reserving a seat in hard-to-get courses. You may also plan your schedule for both the Summer and Fall semesters in one online registration sitting.
Can part-time students participate?
Yes. In-progress prerequisite online registration is available to ALL credit students.
Will I be notified that I have successfully registered for the next course?
No. However, you may view and/or print your class schedule at any time.
When can I register for the next course in my academic sequence?
You may register for the next course in your academic sequence as soon as registration begins. Note: new for the Summer/Fall 2012 registration cycle, registration will begin with a Priority Registration period, followed by General Registration. More information is available in the Priority Registration FAQs.
Who should I contact if I have additional questions about in-progress prerequisite online registration?