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Harold Washington College Sustainability

Environmental Quality and Global Economics are increasingly interrelated. Whatever your chosen profession, you will likely, in years to come, be faced with matters surrounding sustainability. Focusing on the triple bottom line of social, economic and environmental concerns, today's leaders in any industry are gaining competitive edges by embracing sustainable practices. ​​
In addition to accessing a large variety of courses and programs across many disciplines, Harold Washington College students reap the benefits of attending a campus that is highly accessible by bus, train, walking and biking. Located in the heart of Chicago's downtown loop near several trains and buses, students can easily commute to campus from virtually anywhere in the Chicagoland area without requiring a car to do so. This is a great asset for students who do not own a vehicle or who wish to save money by not having to pay for fuel or parking.        

Harold Washington College is highly accessible​. Click the images to learn more: 

                                 HWC bike score.svgHWC transit score.svgHWC walk score.svg       

When it comes to sustainability, accessibility addresses multiple areas of the social-economic-environmental triple-bottom-line. Higher transit accessibility means economic savings that result from not requiring the ownership and maintanence of a vehicle. Taking more cars off the road improves the social environment in the community by easing congestion downtown- benefitting pedestrians, cyclists and busses by freeing up space and making downtown commuting more convenient and comfortable. Last but not least notable are the environmental benefits that come from fewer ca​​rs on the road which means less carbon emissions and less wear and tear on the city's highway and street infrastructure.     

Everybody wins! Businesses and organizations can have a great impact on their social, economic and environmental surroundings simply by establishing themselves in a highly accesible location.