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Writing Lab

The Writing Lab is pleased to offer various services to the Harold Washington College community. Our goals are to support academic excellence and to empower students in their academic pursuits. The embedded tutoring program at Harold Washington College embeds professional tutors into the composition classroom. The goal of the program is to support the instructor to help students achieve academic success.      

What to Expect:     

Writing Lab appointments typically last about 50 minutes. You will be paired with a tutor who will ask to see your assignment sheet and will ask you questions in order to better understand your needs for the session. Writing Lab tutors will not edit your paper or write the paper for you. A writing lab session is meant to be a helpful conversation about your writing-- as the author of your paper, you are in control. Remember: every writer seeks feedback, even professionals!     

What to Bring:          

Please bring your assignment sheet, any relevant notes, and any writing you have completed thus far. You should also bring a pen for taking notes/making changes on your paper during the session.      

When to Arrive:          

Currently the Writing Lab accepts walk-in appointments during the times listed on the right. You might not be placed with a tutor immediately, but we do our best to meet with each student in a timely manner.     ​​​​