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Library Assessment of Instruction

Library Assessment of Instruction
HWC Library One-Shot Assessment -- Spring 2017

Library one-shot assessment Google Form

Student Learning Outcomes for General Library Instruction

Assessment of student learning outcomes is an important part of the Harold Washington College library. As teaching faculty, we realize the necessity of honing our pedagogy and supporting the College’s mission statement. To these ends, we use several direct and indirect measures to ensure that we are meeting our objectives. In accordance with the library’s mission statement, students who receive the full complement of instruction in the Harold Washington College library should acquire the skills to:
  1. Identify key concepts and terms (keywords, synonyms and related terms) that describe the information they seek.
  2. Construct search strategies using appropriate commands, including Boolean operators.
  3. Retrieve information in a variety of formats using various information resources.
  4. Evaluate web sites for authority, credibility and currency.
  5. Recognize the legal and ethical importance of citations and cite information accordingly.
Because instruction in the library occurs in formal classroom sessions, during stand-alone workshops, and at the reference desk, we have created separate indirect and/or direct assessment techniques for each.​​​​​