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Financial Aid

Elina Fonseca



At Harold Washington College, the Financial Aid Office works closely with students and families to provide financial assistance in the form of grants, loans and work-study from federal and state resources. The Financial Aid Office is your guide and resource to help you make college affordable.                

The first step is yours!  Applying early for financial assistance is the key to unlocking the resources you may need, as some aid operates on a first come, first served basis.              

You'll automatically be considered for most of these types of aid when you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA becomes available on January 1st for the next upcoming aid year. You can learn more about financial aid by clicking on the "Apply For Financial Aid" link on the right hand side of this page, in the Related Services section. You can also address any financial aid related questions and/or concerns to            


Financial Aid Regulations for Repeated Coursework

  • Once a student receives a passing grade (D or better) in a course, he can only be paid for one more graded attempt (A, B, C, D, and F).
  • Withdrawals do not count as a paid graded attempt, but can impact a student’s status under CCC’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (Please refer to the Student Policy Manual for additional information).
  • For specific examples of what types of repeated coursework is or is not covered by financial aid, click here.

Please note, CCC will review previously passed courses at the financial aid census date each term.​​​ ​​ ​​​​​




Faculty & Staff

Name​ ​Title ​Phone Number ​Email Address
Elina Fonseca​ Director (312) 553-6048​
​James Mustard​ Assistant Director ​(312) 553-6045​
Tasha Peterson Financial Aid Advisor I​I (312) 553-6042​

​Alma Gaona   

Financial Aid Advisor I​ ​(312) 553-6052            

​Mila Beene Financial Aid Advisor I​ ​(312) 553-6018            

​Joseph Serafin Financial Aid Advisor I ​(312) 553-6044
​​Raul Flores Financial Aid Advisor I ​​​(312) 553-3161
​Lorenzo Skinner Financial Aid Advisor I ​(312) 553-3136
​Jose Arroyo Financial Aid Advisor I ​(312) 553-3169 ​ 
​Robert J. Garcia​ ​Financial Aid Advisor I ​(312) 553-6049
Yvonne Gaddy​ Clerical Assistant II (312) 553-6043​
​Miguel Ortiz Clerical Assistant I ​​(312) 553-6041            

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