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Computer Administrator Rights for Faculty and Staff

CCC OIT will grant local administrative rights to faculty and staff for use with their CCC issued computers on either temporary or ongoing basis under certain conditions and only if the elevated rights have been requested.

Here are some of the conditions that OIT may recognize as basis for granting administrative rights (Please note that inconvenience is not a condition under which the administrative rights will be granted):

  • Faculty or staff uses specialized software or hardware for their work that requires administrative rights to function.
  • If the faculty or staff uses their computer in a location where it cannot be supported (away on sabbatical or presenting at the conference)  

If a CCC employee would like to apply for local administrative access, they must submit their request and justification to the OIT helpdesk. The IT director and the requestor’s manager will determine whether an approval will be granted.

When local administrative rights are granted, OIT has the right to revoke them at any time if the computer becomes a security or support risk.  The following conditions are examples of security or support risks, but other conditions, at the discretion of OIT, may also result in the removal of local administrative rights:

  • Installing software without proper proof of licensing
  • Creating additional user accounts
  • Removing any applications installed by CCC OIT
  • Modifying network settings
  • Using admin account as a primary account
  • Infecting the college network with the virus