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Career Planning & Placement


Gabriel Razo 
Director, Career Planning & Placement                                       

Harold Washington Career Planning & Placement provides comprehensive                               
services to help you make informed decisions about careers. We also help                               
you successfully transition into the workforce. Call or stop by the 11th floor                               
or make an appointment today.                               

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Are you a student or alumni looking for a job or internship? Are you an employer                   
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Employment Success Skill Program  

ESSP is a course designed to help students develop                
or enhance skills that will help you in your career success.         

ESSP class benefits include:                  
Ø  Resume and cover letter development or enhancement                   
Ø  Improvement of soft skills such as communication, networking,                    
teamwork, and critical thinking                   
Ø  Strengthening of interview skills through mock interviews                   
Ø  Learning how to maximize one’s career fair experience                   
Ø  Meeting and getting career success advice from industry professionals    
Enrollment for the Fall 2017 ESSP program is now available.              
Students have three classes to select for Spring of 2018. These courses are one credited classes.              
In order to register for these classes, you must apply the class number to your student portal             
when registering for classes. For more information, visit your student portal and input the class             

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         We Want to Hear About Student Success 

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As stated in the job posting, if a candidate is a no-show to an interview they will temporarily lose access to The Career Network. If you missed an interview without notifying the employer and can no longer access The Career Network as a result, please follow the instructions below:                


1.       Write a 3 to 5 sentence apology to the employer, thanking them for considering you for this opportunity, explaining why you were a no-show to your interview and apologizing for any inconvenience.                      


2.       Take your note to the Writing Lab in room 203A to have it proof-read and edited. You can contact the Writing Lab here (312) 553-5751.                    


3.       E-mail your Writing Lab approved apology note, the company name and the title of the position in question to who will pass it along to the employer on your behalf.                 


4.       Once your note has been emailed to the employer your Career Network access will be reactivated.                       




Faculty & Staff

Paul Thompson III, Dean of College to Careers                                                                                                        

Gabriel Razo, Director Career Planning and Placement   

Rosa Garcia, Career Services Advisor         

Tanye Harrison, Career Services Advisor                                                        

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