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Get Your Financial Aid Refund


If you have more than enough financial aid (grants and/or student loans) to cover the cost of your tuition and fees, the remaining funds will be generated to you as a refund. You can use these funds for the purchase of books, to cover some of your living expenses, or any other educational expenses you may encounter. Refunds are available after your financial aid is disbursed, and this takes place at two separate points during the fall and spring terms. The first half of the financial aid disbursement will be scheduled 4-6 weeks after the term begins. The remaining disbursement will be scheduled two weeks after mid-term. For the Summer term, 100% of the disbursement will be scheduled 2 weeks after mid-term. There are three separate ways of obtaining your refund:   

  1. U.S. Bank Prepaid Visa Debit Card
  2. Direct Deposit
  3. Paper Check

We strongly encourage you to set up one of the first two options, which will reduce the amount of time it takes for you to receive your refund, as well as eliminate any issues with your check being mailed to the incorrect address. To find out more details and learn how to choose your refund option, click the following link:   

Refund Options  

Disbursement Dates for Fall 2014

  • 1st Fall Disbursement: 10/4/2014  
  • 2nd Fall Disbursement: 11/1/2014

Disbursement Dates for Spring 2015

  • 1st Spring Disbursement: 2/7/2015
  • 2nd Spring Disbursement: 3/21/2015 

Please Note: Please note that the disbursement process will begin on the date specified above, but the disbursement will not display on the student’s account until Monday. 

Refunds are available after disbursements have taken place.  You can anticipate receiving your refund approximately ten days after the scheduled disbursement date.  You can view your financial aid disbursement and refund information at:​ ​





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