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Fast Track Accelerated Degree Program

What is Truman’s Fast Track degree program?
Fast Track is an accelerated Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree program designed to help students achieve their A.A. degree in 15 months with the intention of graduating and then transferring to a college or university. Students who enroll in the A.A. Fast Track program will take a wide variety of classes to prepare them for a smooth transition into a Liberal Arts and Sciences bachelor’s degree program. Because of the fast pace of the courses, the Fast Track program is intensive and challenging. It is for students who are highly motivated, disciplined and focused on completing the A.A. degree as a #1 priority!

Why get an A.A. Fast Track degree?
Earning an A.A. degree provides you with about half the credits you’ll need for a Bachelor’s degree.
  • The A.A. degree will expose you to a wide range of . courses and subjects and give you a well-rounded education.
  • You will receive quality education from experienced faculty in smaller class sizes.
  • You will have a support team of advisors, tutors, faculty members and deans helping you succeed! Also, receive customized help from the Writing Center, Math Center and Tutoring Center to strengthen your academic skills, as needed!

What are the program entrance requirements?
  • You must be eligible to take English 101 and Math 118.
  • You must meet with your advisor before registering for the Fast Track program to discuss your education plan.
  • You must attend an orientation workshop before the first day of classes.

How much does it cost?
Tuition for Chicago residents is $89 per credit. Financial Aid may be available!

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