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Truman Middle College- Alternative High School (17 to 21 years old)

Michelle Yoo
Principal (Truman Middle College)

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Our Vision: Truman Middle College aspires to empower students to rise above barriers in order to become successful college and career ready individuals.            
Our Mission: Our school helps students learn to advocate for themselves and overcome obstacles. With a college and career readiness curriculum, we provide students with the tools they need to transition to higher education and fulfilling professions.            

Students interested in enrolling in Truman Middle College must apply online and complete the application.  Here they will be asked to list their top three schools within the YCCS network of 20 schools. If a student is interested in TMC, he or she should select Truman as their first choice. Interested students can apply online at: Students must apply so that we can schedule an appointment to attend an informational session.

Truman has a one-year residency requirement in order to fulfill career pathway goals and allow time for skill building in reading and mathematics. To meet graduation requirements, all incoming students must earn 21 total credits in the following areas: 4 English credits, 3 Math credits, 3 Science credits, 3 Social Science credits, 1 credit in PE/Health Education, 1 credit in Fine Arts/Foreign Language, 1 credit in Vocational/Career Education, 5 Elective Credits.
Additionally, students must show growth in reading and math on their STAR assessment.


Students have the opportunity to earn double the credits, high school and college credit, at the same time. Additionally, students can become certified as a Basic Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, or Web Designer, through Truman’s Continuing Education Department which helps students gain an advantage on employment. To earn college credit, students must take the COMPASS exam and score high enough to be accepted into entry level courses, i.e. English 101 and/or Math 118 or 125. Another way to become eligible to enroll in college courses is by earning a 21 in math and/ or a 19 in English on the ACT exam. These college credits and Workforce Certifications are at no cost to the student.                

Truman Middle College offers an opportunity for flexible schedule to students needing employment while completing their high school diploma. Students enrolled in the School-to-Work program can leave school as early as 12:00PM or as late as 2:20PM based on their work schedule to report to their job site.  Students must provide the following information to be approved for this program:
1. Work schedule
2. Pay check stub
3. School-to-Work form completed by student and signed by supervisor

One thing Truman is proud of is its post-secondary support for students. Truman currently has a post-secondary 
team that works diligently to ensure all potential graduates have achieved their post-secondary goals. Each student will be afforded the opportunity to visit a college/university, learn how to interview for a job, sit with a college advisor to build a schedule and education plan, and prepare for their senior portfolio. ​​At Truman Middle College, every student is guaranteed admission and post-secondary support at any City College of Chicago.




Faculty & Staff

Office Personnel                          

Antwoine Brown, Student & Family Advisor-          

Richard McNeal, Mentor -             

Mary Luz Montanez, Office Manager-        

Dr. Joi Coleman, Director of Compliance-           

Cassandra Croft, Counselor-                               

Richard Horowitz, Social Worker-   

Alexandria Byrne, Student & Family Advisor-                        

Josue La Luz, Student Records Coordinator-                        

Michelle Yoo, Principal-    

Romainne Kelley, Assistant Principal-        

Instructional Staff                         

Dr. Carol Brigham, Math Teacher-                         

James Callahan, Science Teacher-                         

Tamaria Crider, Social Science Teacher-                 

Catrice Pierce, Math Teacher-          

Lauren Emmert, Science Teacher-                       

Amy Guajardo, English Teacher-                          

Jason Gylling, Math Teacher-                 

Dorie Hodges, Social Science Teacher-                 

Abdul Memon, Spanish & Computer Science Teacher-                 

Jack Murphy, English Teacher -                          

Jeffrey Rice, Social Science Teacher-                                                  


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Contact Information

(773) 907-4840
(773) 907-4844
1145 W. Wilson Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640
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8:00 am to 4:00 pm


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