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Learning Communities

Elizabeth Rosenthal

Director of Developmental Education/Learning Communities Coordinator

Why should I join a Learning Community when I register for classes? 
  • Connect what you learn and do in one class to what you learn and do in other classes
  • Meet other college students, build friendships, and study with enthusiastic instructors
  • Explore important and engaging issues within a supportive learning environment
  • Get connected with your college advisor, who will help keep you on track to graduation 
  • Participate in fun social events and go on class outings together

Campaign Success Learning Communities Mission Statement

Invested faculty, academic support staff, and administrators at Truman College are committed to a “Campaign of Success” that cultivates in our students a love of deep learning, a renewed sense of academic engagement, confidence, and momentum, and an attachment to the social support networks around them. 

Have other students done well in their “Learning Communities”



  • Compared to students who took regular, separated classes in Fall 2012, Learning Community students were 13% more likely to stay in class and 10% more likely to pass with a "C" or better.


What students are saying about  Campaign Success Learning Communities

  • “I had a really good experience with the Learning Community this semester with the peer-group interactions.”
  • “The Learning Community is a great experience and I have decided to do it again.”
  • “I enjoy the Learning Community.  It gives a family feel to class.”
  • “The learning community was a good experience and it also helped motivate me to finish this semester.”

How do I enroll in a Campaign Success Learning Community for next semester?

  1. Check out the learning communities being offered here.
  2. Write down or print off and circle the learning communities you are interested in joining. 
  3. Bring your selections to your advisor in room 118. Tell your advisor which learning community you would like to enroll in.


Contact Geoff Martin at (773.907.4687), Elizabeth Rosenthal at (773. 907.6833), Maggie Rice Ayala at (773.907.4041), or Keilah Arzet at (773.907.4427)



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Liz Rosenthal 
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