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Diversity and Inclusion Committee - Projects and Accomplishments

The Mothers Room
This is a private room for mothers to nurse their infants. There are privacy shades and chairs. There is no lock on the door, but there is a sign on the door to indicate if the room is occupied. When using the room, please flip the sign so it says occupied, and flip it back when you leave.
Location: 1339   Hours of Operation: 8am-8pm 

 Mothers Room.jpg      

The Reflection Room
This is a quiet room that students and staff can use for meditation, reflection, or prayer. Please be respectful of others. Non-florescent lights give the room a serene feel, but please turn them off as you leave and keep the space clean.
Location: 1739   Hours of Operation: 8am-8pm
Reflection Room.jpg      

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
These bathrooms have large spaces and the appropriate fixtures to accommodate students, staff, and faculty of all genders and gender identities. They are located on the first floor of the Main Building and in the Cosmetology Department. 

Gender-Neutral Bathroom 1.jpgGender-Neutral Bathroom 2.jpg      

Posters of Influential People
Hung about the school in high-traffic locations, these colorful posters highlight influential people from a variety of cultures and their incredible contributions to the human story. 

Influential People Posters 1.jpg      
Influential People Posters 2.jpg      
Training Sessions and Town Hall Events     
The Diversity & Inclusion Committee has hosted training sessions to promote awareness about a number of issues regarding diversity in order to increase our ability as a school to address these issues and create a wholly inclusive campus. In the past, we have held sessions on mental health, disability rights, transgender issues, and race relations, and we will continue to host these events. Please see the our Training and Events web page for more information.    
Climate Survey     
The Campus Climate Subcommittee is creating a survey to measure student, staff, and faculty experiences of discrimination, harassment, and bullying, and measure student, staff, and faculty satisfaction with the college’s diversity and inclusion efforts. 

The survey will: 
  • Gather comprehensive data on Truman’s ability to create a climate that is conducive for educational success to all its students and especially the underserved populations
  • Focus attention on quality of inclusive relationships among students, staff, and faculty
  • Identify strengths as well as areas that need improvement in the area of inclusivity and diversity in and out of the classroom
  • Measure progress toward school improvement goals
  • The inclusiveness of the campus environment matters because it leads to
  • Greater engagement in school/workplace
  • Fewer discipline problems and concerns
  • Less bullying, teasing, and aggression
  • Better school/workplace attendance
  • Better academic/employee performance
  • Higher graduation rates
  • Academic and Personal Success
Hiring & Recruitment Efforts     
The Hiring & Recruitment task force works toward creating a diverse faculty and staff that once was overlooked is now becoming recognized as a nationwide best practice. Using stories and blueprints from other institutions, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee is gathering demographic data about students, staff, and communities while looking closely at our existing hiring practices to suggest reforms. We believe our faculty and staff should reflect the diversity of our students, which will in turn make us a more effective institution, and our recruitment strategies should reinforce those efforts.