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Grades First

Spring 2014 Attendance Campaign: GradesFirst Faculty Training

To support faculty with the Spring 2014 Attendance Campaign, GradesFirst trainings will be hosted at each college by designated faculty trainers.
Please contact the GradesFirst faculty trainer at your college for training opportunities and support.

Recording attendance in GradesFirst is quick and easy! Click here for instructions. Please contact your college’s GradesFirst faculty trainer with any questions you may have about using GradesFirst. 
College Name
GradesFirst Faculty Trainer Name
Richard J Daley
Bozena Janiszewska
Harold Washington
Rashid Carter
Celeste McGill
Malcolm X
Billy Cunningham
Carol Dunn
Harry S Truman
Charles Abrams
Wilbur Wright
Darlene Attiah
GradesFirst, a web-based student support tool aimed at improving student success, combines academic early alerts with advising and tutor management capability. Access GradesFirst anywhere using your CCC username and password – even from your phone!

With GradesFirst


Students can:

  • Schedule advising and tutoring appointments online.  
  • Communicate with their advisors via phone, email, text messaging, or Facebook.

Faculty can:

  • Easily identify which students need additional help and notify both students and advisors, who can then assist students with additional academic support, tutoring, or referrals. 

Advisors can:

  • Put their advising availability online.
  • Communicate with students via phone, email, text messaging, or Facebook

Administrators can:

  • Run reports to track advising efforts and ensure students are on the path to success.

GradesFirst features include:

  • Easy access from any computer connected to the web.
  • Easy access from a mobile device.
  • Easy access from Facebook.
  • Enhanced Early Alert System allowing faculty members to quickly notify both students and advisors when students are struggling in classes.
  • Online appointment-making features for advising and tutoring.
  • Calendars that reflect class schedules and sync with private calendars.