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Dr. Stephanie DeCicco
Dean of Instruction
What We Do

The Office of Instruction is responsible for assisting both students and faculty with various requests and processes related to student registration and faculty performance management. With regard to students, the office addresses student requests that deal with adding or scheduling classes after formal drop dates have passed and issues related to academic integrity. With regard to faculty, the office assists in the hiring process, faculty performance review, and issues of academic integrity.  
Programs we coordinate include:
  • College Success Seminar
  • Learning Communities
  • Faculty Development and Training
  • Higher Learning Commission (HLC)



Faculty & Staff

Meet our Instructional Team     

Dr. Stephanie DeCicco
Dean of Instruction

Yesenia Avalos
Associate Dean of Students

Sherina Collins
Administrative Assistant

TeJuan Becton
Administrative Assistant

Related Services

Services for Students
  • Approval for entry into classes that are full 

    Are you seeking entry into a class that is already full? If so, you must have the authorization of either the Dean or the Associate Dean of Instruction. If you plan on making a request please come prepared with a substantive rationale as to why your circumstances deserve special attention. Not all requests are granted. However, if you feel like you have a good reason for your request, please submit it. It will be given due consideration. You will need to present your case in person. Call 773-291-6497 for an appointment or visit the office (2307). It is better to call ahead to insure that someone will be available to speak with you. 

  • Appeal of a Grade
  • Discussion of Academic Integrity issues
  • Academic Student Conduct and Student Grievances

Services for Faculty      

  • Approval procedures for conferences/workshops/release time
  • Assistance with timesheets
  • Discussion of academic integrity issues
  • Evaluation process for adjunct faculty
  • Evaluation process for tenure track faculty
  • Evaluation process for post tenure faculty
  • Orientation for newly hired part-time and full-time faculty
  • Coordinate submission of syllabi​

Contact Information

10001 S. Woodlawn Ave.
Suite 2307
Chicago, IL 60628
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