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Digital Signage / Mass Communication

To efficiently process College requests to push college-specific messages on the LCD screens, CCC - Marketing has formulated the following process.

Each college has been designated two LCD slides:          
  • One for promoting events   ·   
  • One for advertising student services (tutoring, advising, etc.)   
The design team has created a template for each slide type. The templates will be forthcoming in a future email.              

Requests for LCD slides must proceed as follows:          
  • All requests for LCD ads are due on Thursday by 5:00 p.m.
  • Content for LCD screens must be approved by the Marketing Director.
  • Include run dates for the posting you are submitting – i.e., the time period for which the posting should run.
  • When preparing content, remember to treat your ad like a billboard ad and include:
    • One headline
    • A short (1-2 sentence) description
    • Relevant date(s), time(s) and location
    • Any action(s) that need to be taken
  • Copy for ads should be submitted in a Word document

Note: LCD slides will be updated every Wednesday.  Email all request to        

Following these guidelines will help us to promote your events and student services in a timely and efficient manner.          
All communication intended for the entire Olive-Harvey community should be directed to