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Alternative High Schools (16 to 21 years old)

Matthew Trujillo
Principal (Olive-Harvey Middle College)


It is the educational philosophy of Olive-Harvey Middle College High School to foster a nurturing and positive educational environment to all students, regardless of their previous setbacks or current obstacles so that they can achieve academic success.

Therefore, the vision of Olive-Harvey Middle College is to provide a unique, comprehensive and quality education to reclaimed youth who might otherwise be lost to the community and society. The Middle College seeks to build and cultivate student self-esteem by offering an alternative educational experience.  The holistic approach offers each student the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a college degree or a career in the vocational area of his or her choice. 

The mission of Olive-Harvey Middle College is to produce life-long scholars who are proactively committed to:     

    1. Processing information using critical thinking skills
    2. Constructing knowledge through problem-solving
    3. Demonstrating social responsibility by making informed decisions
    4. Developing technological literacy to function in the real world

Olive-Harvey Middle College is one of the Youth Connections Charter Schools (YCCS). All applications are entered into a lottery system. Students are selected by lottery.   

Apply online at a YCCS school at    

On the right are other alternative high schools served by the TAOEP grant with City of Colleges of Chicago? Click on any of those schools to learn more about admission to those schools.   




Faculty & Staff

Assistant Principal: Mateo Trujillo

Instructors: Allen Hartwell, Harvey Michellese, Maria Hernandez, Debra Lawrence, Renard Lewis, Frank Nguyen, Frederick Watts, Frederick Johnson, Thomas Winters, Tiana Thomas, Mariah Bender, Erin Rodgers and Samuel Neusner

Advisors:  Steven Hatchett, Jameta Rogers, Dawn Wyckoff  , Vilesha Hale. Debra Lawrence and Tiana Thomas 

Coordinators:  Rosie Jones, Richelle Strothers, Dwyane Reed 

Project Secretary: Kim Gray

Lab Manager (Micro Computer): Ooukoya Olawale   

Administrative Assistant: Sheryl DuPree   

Director of Compliance: Dr. Joi Coleman    

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Contact Information

(773) 291-6518
(773) 291-6131
10001 S. Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60628
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8:00 am to 3:40 pm


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Olive-Harvey Middle College
10001 S. Woodlawn Avenue, Building 7
Chicago, IL 60628
(773) 291-6518

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