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Radiography Associate in Applied Science

City Colleges of Chicago Healthcare Programs Radiography

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Wright is not accepting students into this program.       

Students who first enrolled in Spring 2017 or later, please use this map:View the Semester Map for Radiography (AAS)   

The A.A.S. degree program in Radiography is the study of the theory, technical skills, patient care, and techniques necessary to use radiation in the diagnosis of disease. Completion of the program can lead to employment as an X-ray technologist or radiographer in private and public hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. The A.A.S. degree in Radiography provides the necessary professional skills, progressive maturity, and the intellectual, social, and emotional values necessary for a graduate to be a trustworthy member of a healthcare team.     

The program is offered at Malcolm X College. Malcolm X College’s program begins in the summer and in the fall.    

Upon completion of the program of study, graduates become eligible to take the national certification exam offered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). In addition, graduates may apply for a license from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency/Division of Nuclear Safety.    

Admission Requirements    

Admission is competitive. In order to be considered for Admission to the Radiography Associate Degree Program, a student must:    

  • Be at least 18 year of age.
  • Have at least a 2.5 GPA.
  • Provide a copy of college transcripts. Please send a copy to the college Admissions Office or you may request a copy directly from the Registrar’s office.
  • Complete the following prerequisite courses with a grade of “C” or better: Mathematics 118 or higher, Biology 116, and HeaPro 102.

Note: Additional criteria for admission may be required. Please see your Academic Advisor on your campus to discuss all admissions requirements for the Associate in Applied Science Radiography degree program. Download and view the semester map above.    

Physical Requirements Needed for Successful Performance in the Clinical Area     

A person working in the field as a radiographer may be required to perform many extraneous and laborious tasks. Patient care in the clinical area requires excellent communication and language skills.

Therefore all students must be able to:    

  • Stand on their feet for approximately 8 hours.
  • Push and/or pull patients with weights that may exceed 200 lbs.
  • Communicate in English well enough so that you can be understood by others, and others can understand you.
  • Execute both hand and pedal dexterity.
  • Give directions and respond to patient requests.
  • Operate portable equipment.
  • Visually critique a film.
  • Exhibit good hearing ability and is able to exercise good body mechanics.
  • Lift and carry various accessory equipment.
Application Period:
Malcolm X College’s admission applications are accepted February 1 through April 1 of each year for admittance in the program the fall of the same year. Spring admission period is September 1st through October 15th for the following spring semester.

This program requires students to submit a separate application or take additional action before enrolling. You can learn more about the program and the application process here.

Details: Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

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Students are required to have completed the following program prerequisites:    
  • Math 118 OR higher     
  • Biology 116 OR Biology121 AND Biology 226 AND Biology 227    
  • Health Professions 102 OR Health Science 102 OR Biology 120    

General Education Requirements

12  CH

Students should select Physics 131 OR other General Education Science course.    

Students should select additional General Education course (excluding Biology 116).    

Students should select an HD (human diversity) course.


Program Core Requirements

57  CH

Additional Requirements


Elective Program Requirements


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