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Community Healthcare Worker-Advance Certificate

City Colleges of Chicago Healthcare Programs Community Health Care Worker

Advanced Certificate (AC)

Beginning Summer 2016, this program is no longer accepting new students. Please refer to CCC’s other Healthcare offerings.   

View the Semester Map for Community Health Worker Advanced Certificate 

The Community Health Care Worker program is designed to focus on competencies universally required for primary and preventive health care. The curriculum also serves students who may wish to enter into a nursing program or other allied health professions. Research shows that many health educator programs at the university
level (bachelor, masters) require as a core curriculum the same knowledge and competence areas incorporated into this program.​ 

This program requires students to submit a separate application or take other action before enrolling.  Please contact the college for additional information.

Details: Advanced Certificate (AC)

Credit Hours (CH)

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26  CH

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4  CH
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