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Success Stories

Gregory, a 2014 Malcolm X College AGS graduate, is a native of Nigeria who came to Chicago in pursuit of better educational opportunities. Gregory overcome many life challenges, including homelessness, to move toward his goal of one day becoming an anesthesiologist. He took full advantage of the his time and served as Vice President of Biology Club and was an active member of PTK, the soccer team, volunteers at MXC Saturday Academy. Gregory's hard work paid off when he was received a letter of acceptance to Rush University’s BA in Health Sciences program, where he will transfer in the fall.
Hong, a Respiratory Care student at Malcolm X College, is originally from Chongqing, China and spoke no English when she arrived to the United States. Hong says that for many years she felt afraid and overwhelmed but was determined to learn the language and culture so she could help her family to succeed. It would be ten years before Hong felt she was ready to attend school but when the time came, she chose Malcolm X College based on positive feedback she received regarding its healthcare programs. Hong credits her MXC instructors for helping her make a positive transition to the Respirator Care program. She enjoyed the experience so much that she recently volunteered to serve as a translator for Shanghai exchange students visiting MXC. Hong also tutors another student from Chongqing who is new to the MXC Respiratory Care program.
When Suzzette graduated from high school several years ago, she did so with a dual diploma/Certified Nursing Assistant certificate at age 16. So it was no surprise when she went on to complete the Licensed Practical Nursing program through a CCC nursing program. Suzzette was employed as an LPN with a specialization in psychiatric care for many years before working her way up to a Nurse Manager position. She returned to Malcolm X College two years ago to pursue a Registered Nursing degree so she could take her career to the next level. In spring of 2014, Suzzette graduated with an AAS in nursing and states that as a single mother, she is extremely proud to be a role model for her children. 
Jarvis took a nontraditional path to receiving his AAS degree in Mortuary Science from Malcolm X college this past spring. Jarvis also holds a degree in biology from Jackson State University, an AGS from another school, and attended a year of medical school before realizing that his true calling is mortuary science. He adds, “I wanted to pursue a career as a medical Examiner but realized God had another direction for my life". Jarvis adds says the MXC program gave him the skills needed to advance in his chosen industry (he is currently working at a funeral home) and that the cost and value enabled him to reach his ultimate career goals.
William, a 2014 graduate of the MXC Respiratory Care program, initially attended a four-year college but says he was not ready and that he, consequently, did not do as well as he would have liked. William was diagnosed with dyslexia in the 2nd grade and has had related learning challenges. He discovered the field of respiratory care while working at a special needs camp for children with severe asthma, diabetes and cancer. When asked, why respiratory care? He responds, “If you don’t breath, you don’t live. Breathing is a fundamental necessity that greatly impacts the quality of life.” William says he has found his true calling and believes strongly that students should follow their career passion and "do nothing less than what they absolutely love".