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Summer Pre-Clinical Internship At Rush Hospital

This is an 8 week summer program where selected MX​C students participate in shadowing Rush clinicians at Rush Medical Center.  Students spend one day per week and rotate through different clinical sites at Rush medical center throughout the summer.        

Upon completion of this course the student are expected to:         

  1. Describe the role played and tasks performed by healthcare professionals or researchers being observed;
  2. Report the pathophysiology of selected patients or the scope of biomedical investigation being observed;
  3. Explain the mechanisms on which the treatment modality is employed by the healthcare professional or the working model that the researcher formulates for designing his/her study.
  4. Reflect on how personal belief, attitude, behaviors and skills affect one’s decision-making process in pursuing health sciences related careers.
  5. Analyze those factors that impact an individual’s effectiveness as a member of healthcare providing/research team.
To apply, please submit transcripts from CCC or any prior academic institutions, a recommendation form (attached in the application packet) and a personal statement to Dr. Chijju Huang (  Please download the IS299 Application packet.docx (click here) and follow the instructions.  The deadline is April 20th, 2018. To learn more about the details and dates of this program, please check out the tentative course syllabus​ and contact Dr. Huang at     

We have successfully run this ​collaborative program between Rush Medical Center and MXC since the summer of 2014. Each summer, roughly ​5 Malcolm X College (MXC) students were selected to participate in this independent study course offered through a joint effort by Rush University (Dr. Laura Vasquez) and MXC department of Life Sciences (Dr. Huang). This course is designed to help students explore various biomedical careers including Respiratory care, X-Ray/CT/MRI, Clinical Nutrition, Ultrasound, Physician assistant and Research in Anatomy. These students come from diverse backgrounds that are traditionally under-served or under-represented in the healthcare professions. Throughout the summer, Dr. Laura Vasquez works closely with clinical directors and Dr. Williams at Anatomy Lab at Rush Medical Center to provide an up-close, intensive learning experience. In addition to shadowing clinicians or participating in Anatomy lab, these students are engaged in weekly online forum to report and comment on one another’s experiences.  In each report, students describe the roles and tasks performed by healthcare professionals or researchers and provide a brief overview of the pathophysiology in observed patients. Further, students reflect on how personal belief, attitude, and aptitude affect their decision-making process in pursuing health sciences related careers and affect their effectiveness as a member of healthcare providing/research team.   


​​Through this unique program, participating MXC GenEd students have discovered exciting healthcare professions and opportunities.  Thus, this program helps every student make the decision in what and how to pursue his or her career paths. Furthermore, these MXC students are able to connect with some Rush clinicians who continue to serve as their mentors.      ​