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Resume Preparation Step by Step

Resume Preparation Step by Step

The materials on this page have been prepared to help you create a winning resume. Employers expect job seekers to have a resume that presents their skills and accomplishments in a clear and professional manner. Great resumes don’t just happen; they are carefully crafted to impress employers. So, take time to read through these Guides and samples and get a head start on entering your career.  


Step One: The Chicago City Colleges On-Line Guide to Resume Job Search and Interviewing Skills (.pdf):  This is a comprehensive guide to not only resume writing but it also covers job hunting skills and interviewing. All students should read this booklet thoroughly. 

Step Two:   The Malcolm X Resume Guide (.pdf):   This Guide was developed to assist H2P students in preparing their resumes. It covers the specific sections of the resume in detail and with a focus on Health Care Careers. Use the links to the right to view the resume components listed below.

Components of a resume    

  • Heading
  • Objective
  • Education
  • Honors/Awards
  • Internships/Clinical/Practicum
  • Clinical
  • Employment
  • Special Skills
  • Professional Organizations
  • Community and Volunteer Activities
  • References

Step Three: Sample Resumes:  A sample resume template has been created for each of the H2P majors. This sample provides students with a basic format for a chronological resume. In addition to these, samples of advanced resumes are provided for each major.    

  • Sample Resumes

 Step Four: Prepare a rough draft of your resume.   

 Step Five:  Make an appointment with the Career Planning and Placement Office to have your resume reviewed and finalized.

  • Toya Johnson
  • (312) 850-7267

 Step Six:  Register on the City College Career Network System and upload your resume.   ​​