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Programmatic Outcomes Data

  Fall 2015 Cohort (FY16) Fall 2016 Cohort (FY17)
Enrollment * 22 17
Retention ** 20 or 91% 13 or 76%
Completion ***  19 or 86% N/A
Pass Rate N/A N/A
Job Placement Rate **** N/A N/A
* Students entering program in the fall.
** The percentage of students retained from fall to spring.
*** The number of students that complete the program based on the number of students admitted in the cohort that completed at the designated completion rate of 150%.
**** The percentage of graduates who are employed as in their field of study within the first 6 months after program completion.
**** Job Placement is based on the number of completers who responded. 

N/A: Not available for this fiscal year. 

Percent of Students Employed in the Occupational Area of their Training

Calculation Details:
Numerator: Number of respondents indicating they are employed in their field of study.
Denominator: Total number of CCC Graduate Follow -Up Survey respondents indicating that are employed in a related field.

Data Source Details:
The Graduate Follow-Up Survey (GFS) asks graduates one year post-award completion whether they are employed and whether or not their employment is related to their program of study. Respondents who answered that they were unemployed or graduates who did not respond to this question are excluded from the calculation.

Tracking Period Details:
FY 2014 graduates for one year after they graduated.