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Mission & Goals

Mission statement:

The Mission and Goals of the Advanced Massage Therapy program at Malcolm X College is to give students access to the best quality education that prepares them to move onto a successful career. 

Malcolm X College's Mission and Goals as a post-secondary education are to enlighten and empower the urban community.​

  • Provide comprehensive, updated, and articulated baccalaureate curricula, which enable students to transfer successfully to four-year institutions.
  • Offer accredited career and occupational programs to prepare students for the workforce.
  • Provide learning opportunities of different levels and types to promote learning, persona; growth, skill improvement, and academic development.
  • Sustain and augment partnerships with community organizations, businesses and industries, and K-12 schools in order to support community growth and enhancement.
  • Institute an assessment process to evaluate student growth and improve instruction.
  • Sponsor events and develop curricula in order to promote cultural and global awareness.
  • Provide superior customized and comprehensive support services in order to increase students' access to and success in higher education.
  • Maintain and develop administrative and fiscal policies and practices which foster fairness and accountability.