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Interdisciplinary & Applied Sciences

Kayode Jowosimi 

Department Chair

​Interdisciplinary Studies—College Success Seminar 101

Course Description


The College Success Seminar (CSS) course introduces students to academic skills that support their success in and after college. Students gain expertise in critical thinking, reading and writing as well as study skills, time management and stress management. Using technology for communication and research are also introduced.    

 Course topics are approached from a variety of perspectives that represent interdisciplinary academic inquiry. A guiding principle is helping students take personal responsibility for their academic and career choices by exploring the relationship between self and community.    

Course Objectives

This course aims to develop student skills in three areas:    

  1. Academic success and study skills    
  2. Self-motivational skills    
  3. Reading and critical thinking    

Student Learning Outcomes

Successful completion of three areas of objectives will result in students being able to:    

 Area One: Academic Success and Study Skills

  • Utilize critical thinking and reading strategies    
  • Develop listening and note taking skills    
  • Incorporate time management into study success strategies    
  • Utilize stress management techniques to balance academic and personal demands    
  • Establish test taking strategies    
  • Utilize technology resources on campus    
  • Be informed of student support resources on campus    

Area Two: Self-Motivational Skills

  • Define himself/herself as a college student within a community of learners   
  • Set realistic short-term and long-term goals    
  • Proactively reflect on learning challenges and utilize student support services such as academic advising, tutoring, TRIO and other available resources    
  • Utilize career and guidance resources on campus    
  • Make academic and career choices through and understanding of informed decision-making    
  • Recognize his/her own attitudes and values and those of others with respect.    

Area Three: Reading and Critical Thinking

Through readings in the topic area, students will be able to:    

  • Read actively and critically    
  • Use technology to gather information and explore answers to questions about the content area    
  • Make connections between different ways that the disciplines approach questions and information and apply interdisciplinary approaches to problems    
  • Identify whether or not a particular resources, opinion or argument is valid and useful in approaching questions related to the topic area    
  • Work collaboratively and engage in productive dialogue with other students on key topic questions and issues     



Faculty & Staff

​​Lewis Rule
Adetokunbo Fatoke
Certified Faculty & Staffs 

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